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A companion mod that places thirty companions in taverns and inns throughout Skyrim.

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CM New Companions Mod

A companion mod that places thirty companions in taverns, meaderies, and inns throughout
Skyrim. These companions use the Bethesda companion system and will follow, wait, trade,
do favors, and marry just like default companions. Other features include:

1. New Companions include male and female, a variety of combat classes, and at least one
of every race. See the New Companions guide below for a complete rundown of races,
classes, and locations.

2. The mod has been converted to an *.esm format and packaged with the facegendata, and
is therefore unaffected by the face tint bug that causes mismatched skin tints between
head and body.

3. New Companions will stay at the current location in sandbox mode when told it's time
to part ways so they can be left in any house, tavern, inn, etc. They will not return
to their starting locations.

4. All weapons, armor and clothing can now be accessed, removed, and traded with
companions. Companions will wear casual clothing when on their own in sandbox mode.
When you ask them to follow you, open their inventories, and give them something, and
they will don the best armor, mage robes, or enchanted clothing they have in their
inventories. Or you can just lead through a door and they will automatically don their
best armor when the new cell loads.

5. All New Companions have been given spells, powers, abilities, and perks to compliment
their classes.

6. AI Data has been adjusted to ensure that companions will behave just like default
companions. However, the following game settings have been altered to prevent any
companion from attacking you, or other companions (if you use a multiple followers mod),
due to friendly fire or hits:

iFriendHitCombatAllowed = 10
iFriendHitNonCombatAllowed = 5

7. New Companions are all essential. A nonessential version has been posted for
download under Optional Files.

8. Complete step-by-step instructions have been included to explain in detail how anyone
can create their own custom companion mod and upload to share with others.

New Companions Guide

1. Alle - High Elf Spellsword, Nightgale Inn
2. Alyssa - Nord Warrior 1H, Old Hroldan Inn
3. Anni - Wood Elf Ranger, DragonBridge inn
4. Anu - Argonian Thief, Riften Black Briar Meadery
5. Bane - Khajiit Assassin Dual Wield, Whiterun Honningbrew Meadery
6. Bree - Nord Ranger, Riverwood inn
7. Cali - Nord Thief, Riften inn
8. Cat - Nord Hunter, Falkreath inn
9. Cleve - Nord Warrior 2H, Whiterun Drunken Huntsman
10. Conner - Breton Rogue Dual Wield, Old Hroldan Inn
11. Cutter - Redguard Warrior 1H, Ivarstead inn
12. Dex - Khajiit Thief, Riften Ragged Flagon
13. Fynn - Dark Elf Thief, Windhelm New Gnisis Corner Club
14. Jala - Wood Elf Scout, Ivarstead inn
15. Lea - Nord Warrior 1H, Whiterun inn
16. Leif - Nord Rogue Dual Wield, Dragon Bridge Inn
17. Lynn - Nord Paladin, Northal inn
18. Marne - Nord Warrior 2H, Windhelm inn
19. Menna - Breton priest, Riverwood inn
20. Mia - Dark Elf Assassin Dual Wield, Dawnstar inn
21. Ono - Orc Barbarian 2H, Nightgate Inn
22. Ralan - Breton Frost Mage, Dawnstar inn
23, Raven - Nord Archer, Braidwood Inn
24. Rayna - Breton Rogue Dual Wield, Whiterun inn
25. Ren - Redguard Barbarian 2H, Markarth inn
26. Silena - Breton Fire Mage, Winterhold inn
27. Sunni - Nord Warrior 1H, Rorickstead inn
28. Thea - Imperial Rogue, Solitude inn
29. Tish - Warrior 2H, Karthivasten Hall
30. Wynd - Wood Elf Ranger, Morthal inn
31. Wynna - Breton Lightning Mage, Markarth inn

Recommended Mods

Compatible with CM New Companions and for a better companion experience:

- CM Beautiful Companions -
- Ask Follower Skills -
- CM Companion Level Mod - No longer necessary with Skyrim Patch v.1.6.
- Mounted Followers -
- Multiple Followers -
- Face, Hair, and Eye mods of your choice
- Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition (CBBE) -
- KillerKeos Skimpy CBBE Armor Sets -

Compatibility with Companion Overhaul Mods

Compatible with other companion overhaul mods but only one of them at a time. Follow overhaul mod compatibility instructions.
- Big Dialogue Overhaul
- Ultimate Follower Overhaul
- Better Followers
- Amazing Follower Tweaks
- Extensible Follower Framework

Installation Requirements if Uprading from Version 1.0 (WARNING!)

Official Skyrim patch 1.6 or greater.
Major changes have been done to CM New Companions Mod v.1.1 and above. If you are
upgrading from CM New Companions Mod v.1.0 to a later revision and intend to use with a
saved game, please perform the following steps:

1. Prior to installation of v.1.1 or above, load your saved game, take all your items
from your companions' inventories that you want to keep and dismiss them. Save your

2. Deactivate CM New Companions v.1.0, and then install and activate v.1.1 or later

3. Load your saved game, and then seek out your companions in their starting locations
and ask them to follow you again.

Installation Requirements:

Official Skyrim patch 1.6 or greater required.
Deactivate previous Version if installed and then download and install the new version
by one of the following methods. Should not affect saved games, but backup saved game
just to be sure.

Installation - Nexus Mod Manager

Use the "Download with Manager" button on the CM New Companions Mod page at Skyrim Nexus
and activate after download.

Installation - Wrye Bash BAIN

Drop the CMNewCompanions.esm and esp into your Skyrim Mods\Bash Installers folder, and
then activate.

Installation - Manual

Drop the CMNewCompanions.esm and esp and graphics folders into your Data folder and
overwrite any existing files if you are installing over an old version. (WARNING - See
Installation Requirements if Upgrading from Version 1.0 above.) Activate the mod using
a mod manager prior to playing Skyrim. The accompanying *.esp file contains the
locations in the game world of all companions and must be activated in order to find the
companions in game.


If you used a mod management program, use it to uninstall. Otherwise delete
CMNewCompanions.esm and esp and graphics facegendata files from the Data folder.

Load Order

Load order will not make any difference.

Incompatible Mods

Any mods that alter the Bethesda default companion dialogue and scripting may affect CM
New Companions depending on what has been changed.

Known Issues


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you be adding male companions and other races? Some have been added. I have
included instructions for creating companion mods so that anyone can make their own
custom companions. It's a simple procedure and you will be able to create the
companions you want. And if you wanted to share your creations you can always upload
them to Nexus for others to download.

2. Please provide a list of companions and where they are located. See New Companion
Guide above.

3. Will you upload this mod to Steam Workshop? No, not under any circumstances. Their
mod system exercises too much control.

4. Will you be adding more companions in later revisions? I don't know. Maybe. I'd
think that thirty would be enough to provide variety. But you can add as many as you
want to your own mods following the included instructions.

5. May I use your mod to create new companions using your companion NPCs and just
duplicating them? If you do, any new companions you create will have the face tint
bug. When Bethesda fixes this problem, you can use the CMNewCompanions Mod for this,
but load the CM New Companions Mod into the editor without setting it as the active
file. Then you can save any changes in your own MyMod.esp and include in the Readme
that the CM New Companions Mod will be required in order to make your mod work. Do not
include a copy of CM New Companions Mod in your mod, and do not simply revise the CM New
Companions Mod and upload it packaged with your mod.


Bethesda Forum discussions on creating companions and the face tint bug work around.

The Creation Kit Wiki Tutorials -

The Creation Kit - Steam download listed under Tools.
TESVSnip -

Licensing and Legal

The CM New Companions Mod was created by Cutthroat Mods and is furnished as is without
promises or guarantees to be bug free or conflict free. The mod uses the default
companion system and any bugs inherent to the game or caused by other mods that alter
the default companion system are not the responsibility of Cutthroat Mods.

Do not upload this mod to any website without permission from Cutthroat Mods.

Translations into other languages are permitted provided this Readme is included as is
in English along with any translated versions. Translated files can be uploaded to any
website except Steam Workshop. Permissions to do translations are not required. If you
have any questions or concerns please send email to [email protected]

Revision History

Version 1.7 - Fixed Sandbox AI package to keep companions at current location.

Version 1.6 - Reworked Sandbox AI packages and removed healing spell which did not work
correctly. Removed Nocturnal clothing from mages. Added a variety of voices to New
Companions. Companions will now level their stats as the player levels.

Version 1.5 - Removed some of the perks (too overpowering). Some companions with high
enough Restoration skills can heal the Player. Ask the companion to part ways, and if
player health is low will cast healing spell. Then ask he/she to follow again.

Version 1.4 - Added perks and common spells to companions. If CM Companion Level Mod is
used, companions will have appropriate perks added when "What have you learned?"
dialogue topic is selected and skill levels are increased. Miscellaneous bug fixes.
Added a companion guide to the description and more screenshots of companions.

Version 1.3 - Reworked combat styles to improve combat capabilities and corrected some
minor bugs. Fixed dual weilding on four companions and gave them dual weildable swords
or daggers. Reset female animations on three female companions to stop male behavior.

Version 1.2 - AI Data has been adjusted for each companion to match vanilla game
companions. Weapons can be accessed freely and companions will use the best or the most
appropriate, i.e. ranged vs. melee depending on the situation. Companions will no
longer attack friends and allies due to friendly fire or hits.

Version 1.1 - Included facegendata files to correct face tint bug. Added 12 new
companions. All armor and clothing can now be accessed, removed, and traded with

Version 1.0 - Initial release.