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Small details that make big differences. Fix collisions of Imperial doors. Fix UV of door frames. No ESP.

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Author Yuril - Port by Xtudo

Description (Small details that make big differences)
This is a really frustrating thing for stealth players. How many players have ever wanted to kill an NPC through the bars of a door with an arrow and realize that the arrow does not pass because of an invisible wall? So this little FYX fixes that.

  • Reworks the door collisions so you can shoot between the bars.
  • Fixed UV map of door frame, removed unnecessary seams and fixed the texture stretching.
  • SMIM Version (Remove Jails Door, the collisions of these two meshes are already correct in SMIM).
  • No ESP.
  • It's safe to install/uninstall it at anytime.

SE-AE version here.

I made the port for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. 

  • Yuril for his wonderful work.

Especial thanks
  • To Yuril and to my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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