About this mod

A quick retexture of whiterun on my own style.

Permissions and credits

Hello once again. 

I'm really erratic at releasing mods, textures and anything so i'm just yeeting this right here and now.

- 8k-4k (some 2k) normal parallax textures (not supported or tested on Skyrim SE, so parallax occlusion mapping or what detailed parallax mapping probably doesnt work right away if you try to use on SE) of almost all of whiterun (excluding doors, jorvaskr inside and temple of kynareth inside)

- Whiterun Parallax/Heightmapping enabled meshes (you need this for parallax)

- Some random stuff like moss, braziers, dirt, nails and others done too. (Trellis texture was a speedrun, might update in future)

An original LE release if someone even plays LE anymore, enjoy.

bye! :)