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Replaces the coin texture with one with Saint Alessia and Morihaus The Bull

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"Though she is gone to me, she remains bathed in stars, first Empress, Lady of Heaven, Queen-ut-Cyrod."—Morihaus on Alessia.


So here we are again, it's always such a pleasure; anyway a week ago I was looking for a coin texture that would change the default look of the coin for one with Empress Alessia or at least Pelinal Whitestrike. I couldn't find it and the other options didn't convince me :c. Fast forward today, I came across a collection of weird looking coins, some cool, some others pretty weird and one of them depicting the Abduction of Europa by Zeus in the form of a bull; it was like a vision; the texture I was looking for... Thank you, government of Cameroon.

It’s just a simple texture replacer; install it using the manager of your choice or if you are doing things manually I think you just have to merge the Data folder.

Cheers and happy modding!

(<: The government of Skyrim approves :D)