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Last updated at 3:33, 31 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 0:45, 29 Feb 2012

Looking for an enchantment mod that adds flexibility but doesnt make your characters broken? A way to scale spells without simply being handed it for free? This mod is a revamp of the overlooked parts of enchanting to add flexibility and a sense of balance to magic that Skyrim was originally lacking.

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-[This mod is in a complete state and shouldnt be updated anymore barring any bugs reported or user requests]-

-Added 6 new enchantments to weapons!: Dragonbane, Creaturebane, Animalbane, Undeadbane, Humanbane all do 50% higher damage than normal enchantments but only to one kind of creature depending on the enchantment.
-Bleeding damage: Just like true damage but a little stronger over a period of 3 seconds.
-Bought from Eorlund Grey Mane in Whiterun.

-Renamed Auriels bow to Aerwraith's bow for lore reasons (They added Auriels bow to Dawnguard)
-Made Aerwraiths bow explosions smaller

-Shout reduction no longer stacks multiplicitivly(bug fix).
-You can't stack Elemental Fury with attack speed enchantment. If you attempt to cast it the shout will fail and instantly resets your shout timer.

Added Attack Speed Multiplier(Attack Speed) (Added in v1.31)
-Base is 20%, cannot be increased
-Can be enchanted on gloves only
-"Gloves of Haste" can be found upstairs in a chest, next to the "Boots of Swiftness" at Arcadias cauldron or purchased from Arcadia herself.

Added Speed Multiplier (Quicken) (Added in v1.30)
-8% base, 20% with max enchanting and perks
-"Boots of Swiftness" can be found upstairs next to a chest at Arcadias cauldron or purchased from Arcadia herself.
-Can be enchanted on boots only

Added True Damage enchantment (Added in v1.30)
-Can only be placed on weapons
-6 damage base, 15 damage at max enchanting and perks
-"Sword of truth" Can be found on the shrine of Arkay at the Whiterun Halls of the dead
-You can also learn the enchantment from the "Ghostblade"

Fortify Unarmed can now be placed on Amulets, Boots and Necklaces on top of Rings and Gloves (Added in v1.30)

Added Weakness to elements on weapons (v1.20)
-Fire, Frost, Shock Weakness
-Base 6% over 4 seconds (Scales to 15% over 5 seconds at max enchanting)
-Stacks however many times you can hit someone in 4 seconds
-Can only be enchanted on Weapons
-Warmaiden’s has received a shipment of weapons from a weapon cache found near the border of Morrowind.
-Added a chest somewhere inside the store with the new items/enchantments (if your the sneaky-stealy type) (Version 1.21) These iron swords seem to have not been used in a very long time.

Add Auras to armor (v1.20)
-Targets must be in Melee range
-Damage is increased with Frost/Shock/Fire Enchanter perk as well as base Enchanter
-Base damage is 4dps scales to 12dps at max perks and enchanting skill
-If 12 dps seems low, keep in mind that its unblockable, constant damage with a secondary effect.
-Can only be enchanted on Armor and Shields
-Belethor has received a strange shipment from Hammerfell with strange enchantments. I’m sure the armor was acquired in a civilized manner from this band of bandits.
-Added a chest somewhere inside the store with the new items/enchantments (if your the sneaky-stealy type)
(Version 1.21)

Added Spell Magnitude
-Can be enchanted on anything "Fortify spell school" could be.
-Can be found naturally throughout the game from chests, bosses, etc.

Spell magnitude effects:
Destruction - Damage
Restoration - Healing
Alteration - Duration
Conjuration - Duration of summons
Illussion - Level affected by spells

Removed "Fortify Spell School" standard enchantment
-Was replaced with Spell magnitude

Buffed Fortify Spell School + Mana Regen enchantment
-Can be placed on any item that "Fortify Spell School" could have been.
-This was done to prevent hitting the 100% cap making spell casting stale and boring. Still can be hit with potions (intended) or if youre a power gamer and use Fortify enchanting (But why would you?This mod is made to encourage balance)

Added Fortify Shout
-Learned from an Amulet of Talos (You have to find it in the world)
-Enchantable on Head, Armor (Max 40%, 45% with my sister mod installed wearing Morokei)

Added Backstab
-Learned from any Dark Brother Hood gloves (You have to find it in the world)
-Enchantable on Hands only

Added More ways to get muffle
-All shoes with only muffle can be disenchanted like Circeros boots and Shrouded boots.

Added Fortify All Spell Schools
-Fortify 15% all spell schools
-Learned off of Archmage Robes from Mages Quest
-Can only be put on armor

Enchanting in Skyrim is broken and everyone knows it. Theres mods like Enchanting freedom that adds flexibility but balance goes right out the window and furthermore, no one has found a way to make spells scale without addressing magics biggest flaw; the ability to cast for free.

The fortify enchantment was broken because of the fact that you could hit 100% fortify in any spell school and though this may have not been imbalanced on its own because of spells not scaling, it didnt FEEL good. When you hit 100% fortify the game became stale and boring. This mod changes all that. This mod will make you want to pick the half-magicka perks and put level ups into mana like any other mage would in any other game without feeling like youre wasting previous perks. The tradeoff then is power. Spell magnitude has been added to every spell tree giving it scaling power it previously did not have and it doesnt just give it to you, you have to earn it and make choices to be effective(Do I make my spells better or add a different enchant to my defense?).

This mod will make mages in the long term more powerful than vanilla, but you WILL eventually run out of magicka and have to use potions, and feel like youre making tactical choices about how you are playing.

-Fortify school + mana regen is now much better AND can be enchanted on any piece of armor that the normal fortify school enchantment could. This will put your fortify spell school enchantment at 16% * 4 = 64%. If you go further and make effort to get/wear the Archmages Robes you get to add 15% to that number (since you can enchant both the Fortify all and Spell school enchant on your chest.) Putting you at 79% which I feel is a really good number to be at in terms of the amount of Magicka you are using. Alchemy will let you hit 100%, and makes for an interesting tactical choice I feel(as opposed to just having it). If you use my sister mod, wearing the appropriate dragonpriest mask will increase this cap to 87%, without the mod 82%.

-Fortify spell school + Regen enchantment magnitude base is 7% + 15% Regen (Capping at 16% + 15% Regen with max perks per piece in enchanting)

-This mod was intended to be used with its sister mod "Artifact Balance overhaul" (Which you can find linked below). Obviously, it is not required, but with an enchantment overhaul like this, making artifacts more powerful (to be a side grade to enchanting) makes for some really interesting gameplay.
-If you have Fortify Spell School learned right now when downloading the mod, the game will grey it out as long as this mod is active.

-Is compatible with Enchantment Cleanser and any Magic Mods (but Balance may be an issue with spell magnitude).
-SHOULD (not confirmed) work with Enchanting Freedom.
-This mod WILL NOT change any items you have enchanted personally up to installing this mod.
-This mod WILL make any dropped items of the standard "Fortify spell school" flavor become spell magnitude.

Version 1.35
Added new enchantments, Bug fixes.

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