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Added: 29/02/2012 - 12:23AM
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Last updated at 0:42, 1 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 0:23, 29 Feb 2012

This is a mod I made for myself and I figured I would share it here for others who like arrows flying around.


Changes the behavior of arrows in the following ways

-Up to 30 arrows stick in a body (vanilla 3)
-Stuck arrows stay around for 3 minutes (vanilla 10 seconds)
-Up to 150 loose arrows in a cell (vanilla 15)*
-Raises max distance of arrows so if you see it you should be able to hit it if you aim right**
-Base chance to salvage arrows from bodies is now 50% (vanilla 33%). Perk untouched.

Also raises the damage of all vanilla arrows by about 30%; as such NPC firing with higher tier arrows hit slightly harder.

*Note: Arrows persist forever, this will slightly increase your savegame size. Optional file to lower this to 50. You only need one file.
**Note: You need to add this into your Skyrim.ini also to get the longer range shots




Put into your \..\Skyrim\Data folder or just use NXMM


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