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This mod gives Alduin a series of powerful buffs which are dispelled by killing the named Dragon Priests. This encourages you to tear down the figureheads of the Dragon Cult before battling Alduin.

This mod is a LE Backport of the original mod by Maleficus32.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: I am not the original mod creator. I merely backported this mod by rewriting the SPID file for LE SPID. If you require assistance on how to play the mod, please ask on the original SE Mod Page. However, do let me know about technical issues in as much detail as possible.

Modified mod page description follows:

First and foremost, I'd like to give credit to vantablackbass for suggesting the idea for this mod on Reddit.

Secondly, a huge thank you to wSkeever for optimizing this mod by making the death tracking work retroactively and making the mod script-free!

For an Elder Scrolls game that focuses heavily on dragons, the impact of the Dragon Cult felt oddly absent from the main story. This mod aims to make the Dragon Cult more involved in the main story by giving the player an incentive for hunting down and destroying the named Dragon Priests before battling Alduin. Alduin is significantly more powerful now, but you can weaken him down to his normal level of power by destroying the named Dragon Priests. Each Dragon Priest gives Alduin a buff, which will be dispelled upon their destruction.

After installing the mod, Alduin's stats will gain the following bonuses:

-3500 additional health added to his hit point maximum
-Passively heals 6 points of health per second
-Magic resistance is boosted to 90%

Note that these buffs are split across multiple priests. For example, slaying one specific priest will remove 1500 points of health from Alduin. These are just the added totals.

As for which priests empower which buffs, here is a list that includes names and locations (do not click this if you don't want spoilers!)

-Morokei (Labyrinthian), 20% magic resistance.
-Nahkriin (Skuldafn), 500 additional health.
-Krosis (Shearpoint), passive heals. 2 HP per second.
-Hevnoraak (Valthume), passive heals. 2 HP per second.
-Otar the Mad (Ragnvald), passive heals. 2 HP per second.
-Rahgot (Forelhost), 1500 additional health.
-Vokun (High Gate Ruins), 20% magic resistance.
-Volsung (Volskygge), 1500 additional health.

No, you didn't count wrong, that is only 40% magic resistance. Alduin has a base level of 50% magic resistance, so the 40% on top makes it 90%, hence why I said "boosted to 90%" in the last spoiler text.

-Nahkriin is in Skuldafn, meaning I cannot dispel his buff before the first Alduin fight! How is that fair?!
I intentionally gave Nahkriin a weaker buff for the sake of fairness because of that reason.

-Why did you make this mod?
Vantablackbass suggested the idea on Reddit. I read the post, loved the idea, and had an idea to get it working, so here we are.

-Is this safe to add mid-game?

-Is it compatible with xyz?
Yes, it should be. I didn't touch any vanilla records. I've also tested this mod with Deadly Dragons, and they work together. Just be prepared for a very difficult battle if Alduin is still fully buffed and you use Deadly Dragons!

-Are the Alduin fights even possible if you don't kill any Dragon Priests?
Yes, but with varying amounts of difficulty based on your character build, stats, game difficulty, and difficulty of your load order. Be prepared for a hard fight regardless!

-What is with the name of the plugin?
Alduin is an influencer, duh! ;) Nah, I jest. In truth, I am pretty bad at naming mods, so I gave the plugin that name before settling on the current name of the mod. The idea for that temporary name was that with the destruction of the Dragon Cult's figureheads, Alduin's influence wanes, and he is weaker for it.

-Did you include the Solstheim Dragon Priests?
No. With Miraak's betrayal of the Dragon Cult and Hermaeus Mora's influence over Solstheim, it did not make much sense to have them buffing Alduin. If you're looking for more to do with the Solstheim Dragon Priests, check out Cult of the True Dragonborn - Immersive Miraak Difficulty (LE Backport) by zamio1. Their mod was inspired by this one, and it adds a similar system to Miraak: the three Solstheim Dragon Priests that support Miraak buff him, and killing them removes the buffs. Killing Vahlok, the one who opposes Miraak, adds a buff.

-Is there any in-game hint or quest that tells you that you need to destroy the Dragon Priests?
There is a book in Sky Haven Temple (next to Dragonbane) that alludes to the capabilities bestowed upon Alduin by his Dragon Priests. Reading this book is not a required part of the mod; it just gives you some insights. This book does not detail the locations of the priests.