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Adds a new village to Whiterun Hold With Quests!

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Black Moor came upon hard times at the begining of the fourth era, and since was forgotten to all but the most ardent cartographer or happless traveler. It is now but a small hamlet, with the walls of a once proud fort crumbling around it from neglect. Now, beast and brigand alike eye Black Moor each with a similar thaught; Easy Prey.

Adds a new village "Black Moor" east of Gjukars Monument and North of Broken Fang Cave.
Two new quests are available, although there is no voice acting yet but the objectives are simple so no need to worry about not understanding due to zooming subtitles.
A new general Merchant is available for your convenience at the Black Moor Trader.

Will conflit with any mod that uses the same location. A thankfull exception is the Warzones mod, although it does make Black Moor a much more dangerous place, only a few spawns are within the village.

I hope to add more to this mod once I become more adept with the creation Kit, and add voice acting eventually as well.

-Added guards
-windmill is now actually a windmill.
-NPC's now have set crime factions and will give bounty if attacked. Took me a while to figure that one out sorry folks.

-Fixes Issues with bandit for Ra Jambas Quest spawning before quest start.
-Dissabled bandit after quest completion so it does not repeat itself.
-minimised aggro radius so there is less of a chance they will be killed by the patrolling giant getting to close before the player ever gets there.