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Last updated at 14:32, 3 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 17:15, 28 Feb 2012

This mod will give you a simple pet who will truly follow you to the ends of Tamriel and back, similar to ones found in most MMO games.


An Eternal Bunny Pet to follow you around and just look cute.

The Eternal Bunny Pet comes in nine different colors including the original.

The Eternal Bunny Pet will follow you any where you want to go.

The Eternal Bunny Pet will not run from combat and cannot be killed.

The Eternal Bunny Pet will not take "aggro" or be attacked by enemies.

The Eternal Bunny Pet will not interfere with other followers like dogs and hirelings.

To initially obtain your Eternal Bunny Pet just fast travel to any location.

If you lose track of your bunny pet, don't worry! They are looking for you and will catch up eventually. Just pass through a load door, fast travel, or wait for them to catch up.


Be careful of your fuzzy friend when sneaking about. If you step on them they may squeal and alert near by enemies!
(If you walk into the Eternal Bunny Pet when sneaking you will be detected by any hostile NPCs in range. I have increased the Min/Max radius that the pet will follow at, in this version, to make this less likely to happen.)

This mod is still in it's development phase. Please report any bugs you find to the author.

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The Eternal Bunny Pet has been featured on SaioTV in their Skyrim Mods Series see it here!

Future Development

Include quest to be able to feed the bunny.


Install using the Nexus Mod Manager


Download and extract the .7zip file. Place the .esp file into the /Data folder of your Skyrim directory. If you use any version other than the Original or Original Silent you will also have to place the .dds file at location "/Data/textures/actors/rabbit" and place the .nif file at location "/Data/meshes/actors/ambient/hare/character assets" in your Skyrim directory. The default directory for Skyrim on most Windows 7 PCs is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim" but may vary from user to user.

Install Notes:
If you have downloaded more than one version of the Eternal Bunny Pet be sure that you only have one running at a time. They may or may not be compatible with one another and could cause client crashes. One bunny at a time is most stable.

Other Information

This is the Beta release of the "Eternal Bunny Pet" mod for Skyrim. "Eternal Bunny Pet" is a spin-off version of "Bunny Pet 2.1" which can also be found on NexusMods Here

At the bottom of the README file you will find modder information listing all of the forms and cells used or edited by this mod. I hope that this information will be helpful to the modding community.


Fufu Skin -
Fufu concept by
Original Fufu texture by Mr.Siika

Other Notes
No longer supported. I do not plan to purchase Hearthfire due to a personal distaste for the product and so cannot mod with the new content. This mod should still work with unexpanded Skyrim (and Dawnguard if noted as such). Sorry for any inconvenience but with this game being almost a year old I feel it's time to move on to newer modding horizons. Thank you to everyone who downloaded and enjoyed my Skyrim mods. I hope to see you all again in other mod workshops. Best wishes!