Roman house - Kapuwa by Chade91
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Requires: Kapuwa Grass (It's in the download section too)

Recommended Mods: Spouses can live everywhere

This project started as a house for my character but I decided to share it with the community because I'm nice like that.

The features of the home are listed below.

The house contains a custom amory which can be accessed through a portal.

There is a portal to blackreach (So you can mine ore)

A horse cart stands outside, the driver will take you where you please... for a price!

You can buy a spell from the guard outside, the spell will teleport you back to the house if you use it.

A warm... wet... Bath.

Six companions from the tv show "spartacus" awaiting your commands (you should all watch that show)

A companion with some *cough* extra tricks.

The man sitting on the chair is a merchant, he deals with all sort of goods, stolen or not.

There's a cook in the kitchen who sells and buys food. There's also a bard.

Beautiful scenary in a lot of places, I tried to make the home as open as possible but still keep the coziness intact.

The entrance to the house is very close to riverwood, just across the river, next to that beautiful waterfall & stream.

Some extra info -

  • I have tried to make it so that it never rains inside the house, to avoid the "rain through roof" bug. It seems to work for me so far.
  • I will not be adding any garden with every harvestable plant in the game, that's too much of a cheat and spoils adventuring.
  • When I have more free time, I MIGHT make an arena/fightclub mod that will be connected to this mod.
  • I have yet to do any optimization for the house so it might require a strong computer, I don't have a weak machine so I can't really put that to the test.


Feel free to leave feedback, I will take a look at the comments once in a while and update the mod as necessary.

Endorse & Enjoy!