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Dawnguard themed tower on a mountain near Whiterun with displays for artifacts, multiple adoptions friendly.

Permissions and credits

Dawnguard themed tower on a mountain near Whiterun. It contains all crafting stations.
Key to the tower is located in a tree stump inside a strongbox (shouldn't be hard to find, there's only 1 tree stump in that location)
Previous owner of this tower died after he was ambushed by vampires, you can find him near a tree in front of the tower.

Textures for exterior ale brighter because vanilla ones looked too dark (optional file with vanilla textures is avaliable).

There are 6 floors: basement, dining room, display room, bedroom, bedroom for followers/kids, laboratory.

There is a secret armory in the basement located behind Storage Cabinet.
Armory is split into two sections, one has 6 mannequins and several weapon racks, the other one has 4 dagger displays, several weapon racks and plaques, 7 book displays (intended for black books but you can display any books you want) and also displays for Elder Scrolls.

Display room contains displays for:
-Dragon priest masks (vanilla and Dragonborn)
-Dragon claws

-Harkon's sword
-Auriel's bow
-Auriel's shield
-Arvak's skull
-Initiate's uwer
-Dawnguard rune shield,axe and warhammer
-Falmer tomes
-Shellbug helm

There are 19 planters on a balcony outside.

Elder scrolls displays are located in the hidden armory in the basement.

Laboratory has displays for bugs in a jar.
There are 6 beds for followers/kids on top floor. To change beds you need to pull a chain that's hidden behind banner above fireplace in the same room as beds.

There's plenty of storage, some of it is custom. All firewood storage is linked.
Bed gives well rested bonus.
There are many weapon display cases, weapon racks, plaques, bookshelves and book displays.

LOD meshes are included so you can generate lod with DynDOLOD.

Whole thing is navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit.



Credits and permissions:

Sjogga - dragon claw display script
skyrimlazz - miraak mask display script

Permission to port this to xbox granted to Blobbie01

This file contains custom resources and new meshes created by myself, if you
want to use any of them be sure to give proper credit.