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The entrance to Whiterun looking dead and empty? Whiterun not looking to be the trading hub everyone calls it? Then this mod is exactly what you are looking for.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish

I havent updated the mod in forever which unfortunately causes CTDs but Varakz has created a patch which should help with that. The patch can be downloaded here

Check out the video section for a mod review by ArsenalRobert and also an awesome video by Johanwh showing the difference with and without the mod.

I disabled the cooking spit for the food merchant and inn for immersion, so you actually buy food from her.

This mod adds alot of objects and visuals to the outskirts of Whiterun, it is adviseable to have a mid-high range pc to run it without any lag. Optionally you can download and install one of the older versions which is more stable but has less content, version 0.3.7 and 0.4 seem to be good options.

So if you have any lag or problems try one of those versions, I don't have any beta testers so I always ask for feedback from the community. Don't be afraid to report a bug you find, but also remember we do this voluntarily.

[size="4"]Change log[/size]

    Big kudos to Varakz for helping to edit and clean the mod!!
    (this will be back up for download as soon as I include the facegen data in the edit as NPCs had neck seams)


    File is larger because I have included the faceGen data with the mod, so NPCs have proper face textures.
  • Warehouse redone to fit more with Whiterun architecture
  • Fixed navmesh errors
  • Fixed warehouse worker not doing his chores
  • Added stable boy to inn and storage room for him to live in

  • New Warehouse building
  • 3 new NPCs. Warehouse master, worker & guard.
  • Alot of landscaping done to the warehouse location.
  • Interior lighting done for the custom houses & set ownership on items.
    (I still need to create custom homes for the new NPCs but that will be in the next update)

  • New Jeweller/tailor with stall
  • Jeweller's wife who also is a market shopper
  • Custom homes for blacksmith & jeweller
  • Pina the bard now sings & plays and has an audience even :)
  • Cleaned up the mod quite alot, so it should't be affecting things its not supposed to.
  • Added buildings from 7k whiterun to use as NPC homes.
    (just realised I didn't export the NPC textures so the head and body will probably have a colour mismatch, will fix in next update)

  • New weapon/armour merchant and his awesome stall
  • New building with interior for the merchant
  • Path added to inn
  • I mistakenly turned off harvest on salmon so that has been fixed now(you still cant harvest from the fish merchant stall, this was intentional, buy food you cheapskates)

  • New inn building to fix old disappearing inn(looks even better now see image section)
  • few decor added to empty room in inn to add to atmosphere
  • stormcloaks no more kill market guards
  • added bench outside shack

  • changed 1 custom light to default color, checked through all lights my mod affects and made sure they were at default value, I hope I didnt miss anything cuz the list was long.
  • Added 2 new NPCs that move around the market.
  • Added sleeping area for beggar and new shack for NPC.
  • Did a fix for the disappearing inn, hopefully that gets it done.
  • fixed cooking spits, now all should be working again except for this mods merchants which have been disabled on purpose for immersion
  • found another green light which was deleted and changed it back to default color
  • removed and re-positioned some lights in the inn to try and fix glitch when using torch, its better but not fully fixed yet
  • Added Black Market dealer [He is in the market but you have to find him:) he works 5-12]
  • Added Spice/potion Merchant
  • Added shack for Black Market dealer
  • Merchants now have unique names
  • Drinks Merchant has new work time 5pm-12am
  • Edited Script packages for better activity in tavern
  • Added firelight to food merchant for better atmosphere
  • Grey face texture fixed
  • New custom inn sign

  • Fixed bug where followers got stuck in tavern
  • Fixed NPC merchant scripts so they are at stalls at set time and go to the inn at set time
  • Fixed "green light" now default color
  • Added Cell Lighting so inn now has proper atmosphere
  • Added tavern music to inn
  • Market and tavern exterior lights turn off during day time for immersion
  • Guards now have default guard dialogue
  • Some Nav mesh fixing on exterior of tavern

  • Added Owl's Perch inn by main road outside skyrim main gates
  • Added 3 new NPCs to the inn; a bar keep, cook and servant
  • Scripted merchants to go to inn after their selling time to mingle
  • Merchants have dedicated rooms in the inn where they live
  • Created Paths for the 2 market guards so they now patrol the market

  • Added Meat, Fish, Drink & Food Merchants to Whiterun approach
  • Added Stalls and clutter to Whiterun approach
  • Added 2 guards to watch over market
  • Added a few animals to penn next to meat merchant


As there are so many mods that improved the interior of the cities I thought to create one to improve the exterior.
Whiterun is supposed to be a trading hub and that is what I am intending to create. It contains a few well placed stalls with NPC merchants and an inn on the main road outside skyrim.

For immersion the "gate" merchants only sell common things as they are just road side hawkers. It also allows the in-city sellers to continue being useful.

The drinks merchant does not usually sell in the day time,this is on purpose as I thought it more realistic for him to sell late into the night(3am) rather than early in the day. The food seller also works till about 12 midnight as well.

I also use Cozier Villages mod which adds lantern posts all around the cities in Skyrim although I have modified my copy of the mod for personal use.

This mod does not interfere with the travelling Khajit caravan outside Whiterun.

[size="4"]Future Plans[/size]
  • Rich group that visit the inn twice a week and use the high table
  • Shoppers
  • Late night drinkers
  • Children beggars
  • Few Hovels for shoppers/merchants
  • Weekly Caravans
  • Possibly more stalls

[size="4"]Extra info[/size]
As it is my first mod pls be gentle and give constructive criticism and advice(advice will be awesome but not
ridiculous requests). Also if anyone (especially someone good with scripting npcs) wants to team up, I am more
than happy to share the burden.

And a warning ahead of time, I have not reached the civil war which I read some people talking about which I guess
happens in Whiterun. I can see the barricades and stuff in the CK so I built around them but I cannot vouch for how
this mod will affect the game as I have not reached that part.

[size="4"]Compatible mods[/size]
This mod should be compatible with Cozier Villages - Outdoor Lighting by Big Dan
Compatible and highly recommended to use 7K Better Whiterun - City Under Construction - BETA by TheFPSmachine

This mod is also available in Japanese the mod patches can be found here by Japanese localization project team Current version: 0.3.7

& also by Hydragoon Current version:

[size="4"]Known Bugs[/size]
  • When using a torch in the inn the lighting is glitched,if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know. Here is a video of the bug
  • Sometimes when approaching the inn it will disappear, this is a known bug with the ck and not the mod. The door will still be visible and if you go in and out the inn should be visible again.

Do not upload this unto the steam workshop. I have expressed my desire to share the work with anyone willing and able so please do not do it on your own and claim it as yours