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Added: 28/02/2012 - 12:44AM
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One of my gripes with Skyrim is that there are too many spells I want to use, and not enough hotkeys. The Quickmenu is still cumbersome to use. I had been hoping that someone would develop a Mod that adds hotkeys, but that appears to be difficult.

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that spells that have more than one effect would serve the same purpose.

And thus was born Forbidden Magic.

This mod adds the following spells:

1) A new set of "bolt" spells that also have the ability to soul trap without the need to cast a separate spell. These are conjuration spells that do the same damage of their destruction equivalents, but will increase conjuration skill instead.

2) A new set of "cloak" spells that also cast Ironflesh on your character. These are alteration spells that will be available if you are an Alteration Adept. They do the same damage as their destruction equivalents, but will increase alteration skill instead.

3) With version 1.1 I have added a new Adept level Restoration spell, Fortress. When you cast this spell you become ethereal (can neither attack nor be harmed) for 20 seconds, along with accelerated health, magic, and stamina regeneration for the duration of the spell. Very useful for situations where you are in serious trouble, and need a few moments to compose yourself.

4) With version 1.2 I have added Runes of Summoning. These spells will place an elemental rune and summon the corresponding Atronach at the location specified. These are Conjuration spells, and will increase your Conjuration skill, rather than Destruction. The spell cost is identical to the cost of casting both spells, so you need to have sufficient mana. Additionally, you will need to have sufficient Conjuration skill or the spell tome will not appear in Enthir's inventory. In other words, you can't use this as a shortcut to getting a Storm Atronach.

These spells can only be purchased from that purveyor of frowned upon magic, Enthir. They are more expensive than spell tomes of similar type. All secondary perk effects (e.g. Impact) were preserved.

Since these are new spells, this mod should be compatible with other mods that affect magic, however they probably will not be affected by mods that change the magnitude of magical effects.

Installation - NMM should work great for installing, but if you want to install manually, just drop the .esp file into your Data directory, and enable it in your datafiles.

Bugs - None that I have found, but due to the timing of effects the soul trap function will not work 100% of the time (probably more like 95%). If you find something else, let me know.

1.00 - Original File
1.01 - Fixed some typos in the descriptions, no change to functionality
1.10 - Added the Fortress spell
1.20 - Added Rune of Summoning

Endorsements are appreciated.