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Replaces Spider/Chaurus clutter with more innocent items

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There's a new mod that does all of this and more, called Insects Begone - Modularly Dealing with Spiders and Chaurus by yroc1234

I made this because there is a great spider replacement mod (No Spiders by Luthien Anarion) and a spider web removal mod (No Spider Webs by Justin Strawn), but even with both of those active you still have things such as egg sacs which I don't enjoy so I figured I'd replace them too.
This mod only replaces the 3D models of things, so for example even though the eggs look like apples they are still eggs for Alchemy purposes and whatnot.

Here's a list of things that get replaced:
Spider Eggs --> Apple
Chaurus Eggs --> Other Apple
Spider Egg Sacs --> Barrel (Two barrel types for five different sac types)
Chaurus Egg Sacs --> Two different Burlap Sacks and a backpack
Spider "Dinner" objects --> Hanging piece of rope
Falmer Wallpod --> Ruins Wall Sconce

Sometimes this leads to odd things such as barrels sticking out of the wall, or halfway in the floor, etc. I'd rather have that than spider egg sacs everywhere.

I've never made any mods before for any Bethesda games, and this isn't even really a mod just a rudimentary file replacement, but it gets the job done.

If you run into anything real crazy that this causes let me know.
I'm not responsible if this explodes your computer or savegame or whatever, but I don't think it should break anything.