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Author lilebonymace - Port by Xtudo

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Small details that make big differences. Fixes already fallen motionless rocks from falling rock traps killing NPCs bumping into them. No ESP.

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Motionless Rocks Killing People Fix
Author lilebonymace - Port by Xtudo

Description (Small details that make big differences)
It's very likely that you encountered and even exploited this bug when already fallen motionless rocks from falling rock traps damage NPCs bumping into/trying to walk through them. At the same time the player only gets damage when the rocks are actually falling or rolling on them, and even if you sprint into the rocks it's almost impossible to receive damage.
This mod fixes it, at least mostly. It doesn't fix suicidal NPCs running right under falling or rolling rocks, which still do damage.This bug seems to be caused by OnTrapHitStart() script event working differently for NPCs and the player, whether it's a bug or a feature. This mod workarounds it by making it only use the vertical velocity in calculations for NPCs. The calculations for the player are unchanged.

  • Compatible with everything except mods changing the same vanilla PhysicsTrapHit script.
  • Compatible with USLEEP and mods changing traps damage.

Optional files
  • Player and NPCs version. A version that affects not only NPCs but also the player. 

I did the port for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. Finally this bug is fixed!

- SE-AE version here.


Especial thanks
  • To lilebonymace and to my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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