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NOTICE: I currently do not own Dawnguard as I have no money and am busy trying to rectify that (jobhunting, etc). Untill I do this mod will remain untested with dawnguard and potentially incompatible, and I won't be visiting nexus very often so I may not respond to messages in a timely manner.

Many thanks to those who have endorsed my work, I appreciate the recognition.

===What this Mod Does===

Be both a vampire and a werewolf at the same time: You must become a werewolf first (EDIT: I've been told by a player who tried it that being a vampire first works just fine too), but once you are one you won't be immune to disease and can contract vampirism as normal. (for mod authors, this is all handled through a quest alias, adding an OnRaceSwitchComplete() event to the player)

Toggle werewolf form without scriptdragon/SKSE dependancy: the werewolf howls (shouts) now have two 'words' not just one, single click of the shout button uses the howl, hold the button down and you will turn back into a human/vampire/elf/whatever. Also, upon turning back, you will re-equip beast form and it will be usable again (for mod authors, the mod doesn't actually change the old shouts, it adds three new ones and replaces the old ones during the OnRaceSwitchComplete() event. It also doesn't change beast form, it just removes it from your spell book, and adds it again, so changes to beast form wont clash)

If you are a werepyre, feeding as a werewolf counts as feeding as a vampire: does what it says on the tin (for mod authors, done via quest alias and an OnMagicEffectApply() event on the player)

If you are a vampire: Adds a new vampire's sight spell that lasts forever rather than just 60 seconds (for compatibility's sake it doesn't replace the old spell, it just adds a second one, that way if a mod that you have that alters vampire stats and abilities changes vampire's sight there is no clash)


Compatible with (when I last checked, please tell me if otherwise):

Werewolf Upgrade:

Vampire Upgrade:

Advanced Legendary Werewolves and Vampires:

Vampire Overhaul:

Vampire FX:

Better Werewolf (of the Steam workshop)

Incompatible with:

Mods that add new races (if the player is a member of that race)

Vampire maintain previous appearance after feeding fully com:

If you use this and find that it's compatible or incompatible with any other vampire/werewolf mods, please tell me.

If you are a mod author and want to make your mod compatible (or dive into my code and extract bits of it for your own use), see above to information on how each feature is implemented. Everything that this mod ads is prefixed with "Werepyre", so that makes a handy word to filter with.

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