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adds the Ring of Eidolon's Edge from TES:4 to skyrim.

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another mod that adds a classic Jewelry item to Skyrim, this time the Ring of Eidolon's Edge from Oblivion.
I made this model years ago, so it maybe is a 'little rough around the edges', however, I decided to release it anyways for people who like to use it. The magma parts are pulsing and glowing in the dark.

When equipping the ring the 'Eidolon's Edge' Perk is added, which has leveled bonuses as the Oblivion version (Fortify onhanded and block)
This way, the 'enchantment' can level with the player while still enchanted. Yes, this can may be considered overpowered, so it is up to you if you want to use this option, or not enchant it.

The ring somehow found it's way to skyrim in the hands of a powerful conjurer named Bashnag.

  • maybe mods that edit Southfringe Sanctum

  • add the files to your skyrim folder
  • never forget to activate the esp file

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.