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Cute high poly head follower-replacer elf nord girl to join your travels

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Hi I present you this day a follower replacer based on the Seraevy's face preset called Olivia whom gently granted me permission to do so, she comes in a fomod version that allows you to choose a custom body that seraevy uses exclusively for this preset (CBBE or asset) or another that uses your textures and body (default), aslo elfic or human aspect to choose from.


_Light armor
_She is a skilled spellsword that handle very well his sword alongside her destruction spells (sparks, firebolt, ice spike, thunderbolt)

She will wait for you at the Palace of the kings in Windhelm


_It´s safe to install? Yes
_Can you change this or that aesthetical aspect to my like? No, follower is part of a vision of an author so that can't be changed, only black faces and other obvius bugs will be accepted in comments, if you put your aesthetical prefference as an "issue" your comment will be automaticaly deleted and considered as a fake bug report
_I have too many followers_ I didn't asked and I don't care, if you are interested download it, if not track it for later and  download it and if not just pass it, try to avoid fill the comment section with this pointless messages
_How i intsall it? Use any mod manager of your taste or drop the content folder on skyrim data folder.
_She is marriagable? Yes
_How i change her body and textures? locate the texture/body folder on the data folder of the game, usually is named "name" body/body folder then drop the textures or body mesh of your taste there (overwritte) and you'll be set, note that you only can do this in the CBBE version of the mod not in default version.

_She is too powerful, too weak- Use ssedit.
_Why do you link other game assets? Only for credit purposes, search it for yourself
_Is not lore friendly_I don't care
_What is an ESP-FE? Normally skyrim allows 255 esps (mods plugins), well this not count


Olivia by Seraevy
Kalilies brows 
by Kalilies
Bijin skin by rxkx22
Remodeled armor by ChronoTrigger77 - PsychoSlammer - K4miKaZe85
Ks Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic
Quaint eyes by nicostein
High Poly Head by KuoLeifoh

Also wanna say thank you very much to all who are supporting me at paypal and Patreon, if you don´t have money you can support me with your endorse, very valuable in fact

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