Shadow Spawn Skin by Zigurd
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This Mod gives the player a new Spell.

The spell effects are listed below:

-You become a shadowsapwn figure for a 2 min duration which sets your race to ShadowDweler, giving the player a complete reskin.
-Your weapons and spells will be unequipped for the duration.
-You will be unable to bring up your UI during the effect (same as with werewolf transform)
-The player will be equipped with new Bound weapons and with new Voice spells depending on which bound weapon is equipped.
-During the effect, all NPCs become hostile.
-During the effect, the player doesn’t stack Bounty for his Crimes.
-Sneaking will now grant you invisibility and 10x Health Regeneration
-You will take less damage proportional to your missing Health
-Your left hand spell conjures a shadowbow.
- Attacks with the Shadowbow can trigger a chill effect, staggering the target for a brief duration. If another arrow is placed in the target during the chill effect, the enemy becomes frozen (ice form) for 10 seconds. A consecutive arrow will shatter the ice for 2x the normal damage.
-Equipping the Shadowbow will grant the player a new Voice spell. When used, the player get’s an adrenaline boost effect (slow time) for 10 seconds. During this effect, arrows which successfully hit the target will cause the player to swap places/location with the victim. Also, during the same effect, the player is able to place frost runes on surfaces.
-Your Right hand spell conjures a shadowsword.
-Casting the right hand spell will allow you to summon a secondary sword for your Left hand (dual wield).
-Normal attacks with the Shadowswords have a chance to stagger the enemy. Linking the stagger proc with a power attack will Disarm the enemy.
-Shadowswords do Swipe Damage.
-Equipping the Shadowswords will grant the player a new Voice spell. When aimed and used on a target, the target becomes vulnerable for the next 3 seconds taking 5x more damage. Also the player shadow steps to the target and returns to his original location after the vulnerability wears off.

The spell is intended to favor a more subtlety/stealth type of gameplay, allowing the player to embrace a more dynamic and highly mobile gameplay mechanic without any inventory pauses or intense spell swapping. You can crowd control, mitigate damage, teleport, place traps, sneak around and deal loads of damage with a dynamic proc chance mechanic.

You can find the spell outside Whiterun near the Khajiit camp in the water stream.

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