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Adds 6 dungeons, and 2 small worldspaces, from Archon Entertainment's canceled Luftahraan project to Skyrim. Implemented and remastered by EasierRider, with Wheeze's permission.

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[UPDATE: v1.1 is now live, which contains a new dungeon and many bugfixes. Happy holidays! -ER 12/9/23]


In April of 2022, I reached out to Örvar “Wheeze” Arnórsson (former project lead of Archon Entertainment), for permission to salvage some of his excellent dungeons that were originally created for Archon Entertainment's cancelled project, Luftahraan. With his blessing, I have managed to bring a small slice of this ambitious project back to life, so that players may finally enjoy some of the world that Wheeze, and the rest of the Archon team, spent years creating.

Given Luftahraan's scale and complexity (as a DLC-sized quest and city mod), this mod should NOT be viewed as an attempt to re-create that world in full. Notably, I have made the decision not to include any of Luftahraan's quests, custom assets, or NPCs. I also have not included the city of Luftahraan itself. I'm just a level designer; even if I had the time or skill to "finish" Luftahraan, I doubt that I could ever do justice to Archon's grand vision.

So, with that said, what exactly does this mod include? Essentially, I have created 2 small worldspaces (Oessen Vale and Oessen Notch) using re-purposed sections of Luftahraan's exterior zones, to serve as a hub for accessing 5 stand-alone dungeons. One of these dungeons--Talvivaara Mine--is also used to connect this hub to the rest of Skyrim. A 6th dungeon can be accessed from a rowboat near the entrance to Talvivaara Mine.

How do you get there? From Northwatch Keep, follow the shoreline southwest until you see a mine entrance (see gallery for photos); if you hit the edge of that map, you've gone too far (but not by much!).

Like Luftahraan, this mod is designed to be lore-friendly and aesthetically compatible with the base game. While minimum levels are provided, all dungeons use leveled loot and enemies, making them suitable for players of all levels. They are not radiant quest enabled, but probably will be in the future. Where appropriate, custom lore books (originally written for Luftahraan) have been placed throughout the mod.

The Dungeons

  • Talvivaara Mine - A small, bandit-infested mine that connects Oessen Vale to the rest of Skyrim; Minimum level = 6
  • Marauder's Cove - A small, pirate-infested island offshore of Talvivaara Mine; Minimum level = 12
  • Winter's Breath Mine - A small, bandit-infested mine that connects two areas of Oessen Notch; Minimum level = 6
  • Solthund - A large Nord ruin located in Oessen Vale; Minimum level = 10
  • Korvakr - A large Nord ruin located in Oessen Notch; Minimum level = 10
  • Silverrush Grotto - A large cave / Dwemer ruin that connects the Oessen Vale with Oessen Notch; Minimum level = 24

v1.1 Changelog
  • Added a new dungeon, Marauder's Cove, accessed from a rowboat near the entrance of Talvivaara Mine
  • Added locations and encounter zones to all areas
  • Dungeons are now Radiant Quest enabled
  • Added sound regions to exterior areas
  • Fixed grey face bug (I think)
  • Fixed savegame issues
  • Fixed issue with unlootable enemies
  • Fixed water glitches in Solthund
  • Fixed floating arrows in the Oessen Vale
  • Fixed floating barricade corpse
  • Music in bandit occupied buildings is now more suitable
  • Fixed typos and bugged characters in a few books
  • Touched up Navmeshes in some dungeons
  • Fixed glitch where followers would not enter certain interiors


This mod is fully compatible with all major dungeon mods (Forgotten Dungeons, Hammet's Dungeon Pack, EasierRider's Dungeon Pack, etc.), and has been manually cleaned with TES5Edit. It is likely compatible with almost any mod that does not alter the entrance to Talvivaara Mine in cell -41,23 (southwest of Northwatch Keep). I'll keep a running list of all known conflicts here; there are currently none.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, none of this would have been possible without the years of hard work done by Wheeze and the rest of the Archon Entertainment team. If any former team members have any questions or concerns about this project, please feel free to contact me! While I certainly spent a good deal of time implementing and polishing these dungeons, I've tried to stick to their original design as much as possible, and let their good work speak for itself. If there is enough interest in this project (and continued permission from Wheeze), I'm happy to keep expanding this mod in the future to bring even more of Luftahraan's dungeons back to life!