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Werewolf followers
Created by Brevi |

This mod provides the player with an option to infect any NPC follower (even those added by custom mods) with the Werewolf Curse. From that point on the NPCs will be able to (toggle) activate their Beast Form via dialogue. Please view the video demonstration to check out the features in action.

NEWS: Version 1.6.3 is now ready.

  • The mod is scripted to be compatible with the widest variety of other Werewolf mods.
  • Any NPC follower can now gain the Werewolf Curse via the 'Infect with Lycanthropy' dialogue option (even the ones added by custom mods).
  • Any NPC follower can be cured from the Werewolf Curse via the 'Cure from Lycanthropy' dialogue option.
  • Followers infected with the Werewolf Curse can (toggle) activate their Beast Form via dialogue.

- The only true limitation is that the NPC has to use one of the original 10 races in the game.
- I can add custom races too if enough of you guys request it.
- Literally unlimited number of Werewolf followers are possible, but only one can follow you at a time.
  • The NPC Werewolf transformation is scripted in detail to be as close to the player's as possible:

- Proper animations and effects apply.
- Unarmed damage bonus for follower Werewolves is added and calculated by the same formula as for the player.
- Armor rating should be the same as a player Werewolf.
- NPC factions will attack the player and it's follower upon noticing either to be a Werewolf.
- NPCs move significantly faster while in Werewolf form.
  • New more sinister transformation sound for Werewolves. Imported from the old Morrowind mod McAsmod Werewolves.

Recommended Mods
Use Tales of Lycanthropy together with the following great mods for the best effect and please don't forget to endorse the authors of these impressive projects. Note that these mods are fully tested for compatibility.

Known Problems
NPC followers using a custom race will bug up. DON'T try to infect them.

Races that are supported at the moment:
High Elves, Argonians, Wood Elves, Bretons, Dark Elves, Imperials, Khajiits, Nords, Orcs and Redguards.

Here is an example of a custom race (draugr) follower that will NOT WORK and create bugs:
Herman the Mad by Jaerv:

If you want a custom follower character like that to work then please request it to me in a comment and I will see what I can do. ;)

Please add suggestions and feedback that you feel could help. If you are interested in helping me with this mod then please contact me via Nexus Message. I could really use the help from advanced scripters and animators.

My mod should now be compatible with every other mod out there. Changes are made only to the follower dialogue quest and nothing is overwritten in it.

Already tested and working with the following Werewolf related mods:
(This is not the full list just the ones I tried myself and they are not meant all together. Compatibility is tested one by one.)

Mods that I currently use and may appear in screenshots and videos:

  • Official HD Texture pack
  • HD Textures DLC Fix by Hionimi and krist2
  • Calientes Female Body -CBBE-
  • CBBE skin texture by navetsea
  • ApachiiSkyHair
  • Coverwomen by mrLenski
  • Better Females by Bella by BellaGail
  • numenume femalebrows MARO by numenume
  • Coverkhajiits by mrLenski
  • Natural Eyes by nevenbridge
  • Falmer Darkseeker Armor CBBE v3 by echo 1162
  • Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide CBBE v3 by echo 1162
  • Better Shrouded Armor by Half-Dead
  • Psychosteves DragonPriest Masks
  • No Enchantment Glow by Kyim
  • Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker
  • Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
  • Realistic Lighting With Customization by Pluto - 747823 - Leviathan1753 - Sydney666
  • Psychosteves Custom Realistic Lighting
  • Revamped Exterior Fog by Greg Manthey - gargorias
  • Remove Ambient Interior Fog by Greg Manthey - gargorias
  • Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds by Cliffworms
  • Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons by Cliffworms
  • Natural Characters and Companions by PyHarmonic
  • Ask Follower Skills by melbourne47
  • Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor
  • Hypothermia by Nitor
  • Total Realism - Basic Needs by ManSh00ter
  • Wars in Skyrim IV - new version by Alexandrox
  • New Scary Werewolf SHOUT by Darkside

Brevi from the gaming community.

Sadly I could not contact the McAsmod team for permission, so I will assume if credited the use should be ok. Kudos to the Morrowind McAsmod Werewolf mod team for the transformation sound file! Visit their website:
Full list of credits of the original McAsmod here:
Note however that none of the McAsmod team members worked on this mod. I just included their awesome sound file.

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.

  • 2012.03.07. Version 1.6.3 - Fixed the bug where caster NPCs would get stuck trying to use magic as a Werewolf.
  • 2012.03.05. Version 1.6.2 - Fixed the bug where NPCs would sometimes re-equip their Werewolf FX armor in human form. NPCs now move significantly faster while in Werewolf form.
  • 2012.03.04. Version 1.6.1 - Fixed the bug where dog followers could be infected with the Werewolf Curse.
  • 2012.03.04. Version 1.6 - Added dialogue to infect/cure any NPC follower with Lycanthropy. Console commands no longer needed.
  • 2012.03.04. Version 1.5 - Any NPC follower can gain the Werewolf Curse via console command (even the ones added by custom mods). Fixed the bugs where guards would not attack, fixed the bug where your follower would attack you.
  • 2012.02.28. Version 1.0 - The whole script was rewritten from scratch and I'm confident that it will be compatible with almost any Werewolf mod out there. The mod only makes changes to the Follower Dialogue Quests now and nothing else.
  • 2012.02.27. Alpha02 - Beast Form modified.