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Let you execute bleedout kill camera faster
without having to wait!

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In Skyrim bleedout kill camera cannot be triggered when the enemy is down, you must wait for the down animation to complete before the kill camera is triggered, if you attack the enemy too early before the down animation completes then there won't be any kill camera!
Now, this will change it!

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Then ..... Simply put, the execution animation is actually the original version that has
But it can only be triggered when an enemy falls to the ground
However, the enemy's fall animation cannot trigger the execution animation
So the player in the battle cannot wait for the enemy to finish the fall animation before attacking
This makes it difficult for these original animations to be triggered
Many people may not be aware of the existence of the bleeding execution animation because of this reason
This speeds up the fainting process of enemies, and now bleedout executions can appear faster and more frequently in kill shots

Please check the changes in GIF

If you are using the SE version