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Adds Dremoras, male and female, who can spawn with Conjurers.

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So, let's just cut straight to the chase. I'm tired. You're tired. You saw a mod titled "Common Dremoras", and you clicked on it. It's probably late at night. You're probably drunk. Or high. Or something. You want to know what it does, and I'll tell you. I think you'll like this one so hear me out:

Conjurers in Skyrim seem to love Atronachs for some ungodly reason. Especially the Flame Atronachs. And I get it, they're probably easy to summon. But what kills me is that, in Skyrim, very little Daedra actually have a presence in the world. Especially Scamps, where are they at? Well, I aim to fix the Dremora issue at least.

What this mod does is add Dremora to the level lists that Conjurer dungeons use so they may accompany Conjurers into battle. This includes female Dremora as well. They use a ranking system similar to Oblivions, the only difference being that they use a new rank that exists in the lore, but never seen in game: Varlets. Basically, the wretches of Dremora society.

And, to boot, I even had the female Dremoras voiced entirely by a custom professional voice actress whom I've worked with many times before, credited below. I hope you enjoy!

Special Thanks to:
Thea Solone