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This mod add a better reanimate spell simlar to the deadthrall in vanilla,yet more "smarter" with equiping armor and other things.
Also grant player an ability to collect dead actors into inventory

Permissions and credits
Version 2.01 is out
please redownload the new version if you have downloaded version 2.0
the bsa file in version 2.0 was outdated, by a mistake, repacked in version 2.01
if there is any problem please leave your comments

this mod grants you a reanimate spell and an ability to collect actors when sneaking, the collected actor will be in your inventory under food
the reanimate spell is a powerful version of death thrall, requiring master conjuration perk, the raised thralls can be activated to change items, they will always use the equipment you give them
upon death, the thrall may be raised again after a few seconds,maybe with or without your help, you can also summon up your missing thralls
the maximum limit of corpse you can carry and the supported number of thralls are 10
though in normal game, by default the supported number of thralls should be 1 in vanilla, 2 with twin souls perk, setting the supported thralls slide does not modify the summoning limit you have, the script need the exact amount to work properly, for extending usage, set the proper number which is equal to your current summoning limit.

require SKSE1.7 or higher, SKYUI

Caution: if you are using older version like 1.4X, release all the actors, then delete the old esp to update to the new version
since script have been rewritten, should be ok

added MCM configuration on whether allowing you to collect dead/living actors when sneaking, they would be taken into your inventory as a food ItemĀ 

added extendible max thrall limit for the reanimate spell(note that you should set the max number to the limit of your summoning actors, beyond the limit would be buggy)
to avoid overpowering, you can tweak whether the reanimated thrall have the ability to revive after death or not(or just consuming the souls in the filled black soulgem with emty black soulgems left)

summoning up your missing thralls is now replaced by hotkey, choose one in the MCM menu, the controlling lesser power is no longer necessary

copy all the file, if you want to uninstall it, make sure you have released all the thralls and actors, then just delete the files

Known Issues/Conflicts
the revive with souls function works buggy, since skyrim would handle the same events that happens at the same time without sequence, eg, if you raised 2 thralls, pausing the game,use the console command to kill them together, you actually got double effect from the 2 event triggered,not like one event after another, generally in common gameplay it should work properly.
no vanilla things edited
radiant NPC or actors in a scene maybe interrupted if you try to collect them. for radiant npc they may disappear since vanilla game script set them to be deleted when they are not in your current cell

outdated old version
Known Issues/Conflicts
For those mods modifying max summon limits, the spell will not work for more than 2 actors the old version 1.2 supports unlimted actors with many bugs that caused by Bethesda, the new version is hard coded to avoid such bugs and it only checks whether player has the twin soul perk to support 2 thralls ,beyond the limitation just have no effect, of course they do not affect the vanilla reanimate spells, but there may be some issues if the vanilla reanimate/conjure spell and the new spell is used in the same time to reach the summon limit.

Try to summon a dead actor's body to the player is buggy, you may need to try it twice, since the normal script move function actually does not work on dead bodies.

Try to raise certai scriptedn actor with death event may cause unpredicted issues

Although you can use the spell to any dead creatures not only NPCs, the dragons will be buggy, do not use on dead dragons.

If there is anything wrong, use the command spell to 'rest' all your thrall to initialize

Old version below just ignore them
1.2 add another spell called "command thrall",using it will show up a message box,you can do three things with your reanimated thrall:
summon up to me:teleport your thrall to you,if you think he is missing,currently not work on dead corpose
die:let your thrall die,and even with filled black soul gems, it no longer raise up
take this and fight for me:just open it's inventory
This mod add a better reanimate spell simlar to deadthrall in vanilla called "necromancer's dead thrall"
it cost 1000 magica at 0 conjuration skill level, applying your conjuration master perk and twin souls perk,applied on anytype of creatures under the level of 190
put all the files under your data folder,when loading for the first time,the spell will be added to you automatically.
*Target will automatically use his best armor and weapon you give to him

*Cast on your reanimated target will open his inventory, help you to put things inside as you like

*Target follows your behavier like followers,such as sneaking or drawing weapon,but they can't do any favor to you.

*If there is a filled black soulgem on target's inventory,when the target dies,he will automatically being reanimated by you again,this will consume the soul of the black soulgem with a empty black soulgem left,so if you want your thrall to fight longer in hard battles,just give him enough black soulgems and a soul-trap weapon will let him "restore" all his lives, when killing someone.

Known Issues/Conflicts
(important)reanimated target may lose their "rebirth" ability after fast travel,even with enough
black gem,blame Bethesda,same as the dark soul perk BUG,I'm working on it.