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Enables wearing a raven companion on your shoulder

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A while back I released a similar mod that grants a raven to accompany you on your shoulder. Seeing Mihail's release made me think of that concept back when so thought I would adapt a version for this one

Acquire at the entrance to Twilight Sepulcher, tucked away in the shade nearby. Console or AddItemMenu is fine too

Usage is simple. Wear the Raven item in your inventory when you want to see it and unequip to not show the raven until you equip again. Simple as it gets really. Since you might be interested in NPCs having one too, I added an outfit record you that you can assign this to anyone you wish in XEdit or the CK. They will wear a raven the same way. If they already use an outfit you would want to edit their outfit instead of replacing. Just wanted to have an example available

Since it would likely come up...

This attaches to your Right Pauldron node. Depending on what you may have equipped there could be a little clipping if you look for it. If you have bare skin may see a small gap at his feet where hes standing etc. This is to be expected in Skyrim and adjustments could be a good idea to adapt to your character more closely. This requires a quick edit in nifskope. I uploaded an optional file to show how to make adjustments like this and see your edits in game with ease

Using model from

Thanks to Mihail for giving open permissions. Feel free to make a parrot for us lol. Take care all