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Markarth finally fully fixed, all buildings, terrains, clutters and landscape meshes have been carefully fixed and improved.

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Markarth Fixed AF is fixing and improving a lot of Markarth vanilla meshes. My main purpose was to fix consistency issues, bugs, unintended mistakes but also improving things in the process like better or more consistent UVs, improved meshes and compatibilities with SMIM.

This is a LE port of my original mod on SSE.

- Fixed alpha wrong flag to prevent some meshes from glowing at dawn and dusk
- Fixed broken alpha and restored some so moss and such things are working fine
- Fixed all metal parts using that damn dwemer door texture, I replaced them all with standard iron. I also fixed all wrong windows UVs using that texture path.
- Added environmental mapping to all metal parts I worked on so it should be compatible out of the box with most mods doing that already
- Fixed all Markarth wood, all market stalls and gallows will now be properly mapped, you can use proper textures (with the wood end part) just like vanilla's without getting weird results. I also fixed and improved some UVs, I also replaced all texture paths using the dwemer column with proper Markarth wood for better consistency
- Updated all Docks platforms so they're using SMIM chains and rings, SMIM rope textures and a vanilla bucket model instead of whatever was used before.
- Updated a lot of normals and tangent
- Added all wSkeever changes so that all braziers are improved already and all buildings using better SMIM chains as well.
- Reworked a lot of UVs, especially stoneworks so overall look makes more sense. I replaced some texture paths to help with better material allocations too. Some buildings details were confusing, I tried to make them more consistent and logical.
- Fixed all Markarth roofs, added environmental mapping and cubemaps, fixed the wrong wizard tower roof tiling.
- Fixed and improved all rock and mountain meshes UVs, shaders and texture allocations for Majestic Mountains.
- Fixed both inner city but also exterior Markarth meshes as well as civil war and dwemer clutter meshes (including both dwemer farms and stables)

Only meshes and textures. Do not overwrite those meshes or you'll lose all benefits. I added a few textures cause I'm relying on SMIM rope and metal in a lot of fixes and improvements, they're just standard SMIM textures so feel free to use any other one instead.

A patch for Majestic Mountains is available cause MM is doing its own stuff when it comes to rock and mountains. Install and overwrite main file meshes.
The MM patch is editing, fixing and improving all Markarth rock and mountain meshes.

Download, install. Overwrite. Play. Report bugs. Survive the hitman I hired. Or not.

Probably compatible with mod already existing fixes and environmental mods. I'm fixing and improving pretty much all meshes though so most mods may be conflict or be redundant.

I tested all meshes with vanilla textures, Mrf's Markarth and Stony AF Markarth. If a texture pack is quite close to vanilla design it should be fully compatible. If its adds too much tiling or mess a lot with that design it may lead to consistency issues. But it should work overall, Markarth textures are often using patterns so it can mess things up really fast.

Bethesda, obviously
AgentW who tested most meshes ingame and found more to fix when I thought I was finally done
wSkeever for the Sconces of Skyrim and Assorted mesh fixes for a few extra handy fixes