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- Replace vanilla running forward animation to a MORE GIRLISH way. - Including new animation! Dash animation has been released!! Check it out. v1.1 Now with Breast\'s Bouncing Motion

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pic uploaded by Atomic weasel

When it say feminine, I mean it. You may experience the image of girls next door was running while worrying whether she have broken nails at the moment alduin trying to catch on her back.

[size="7"]UPDATES LOG[/size]
Hi, I'm back! New update files added.
for ppl who want their own PC animation should look into PC Exclusive Animation Path

Feminine Running Animation for Female Human v1.1 (NEW!)

- Skirt Issues Fixed
- Including 4 directional Animation [Forward-Strafe, Left-Right.
- Recommended with XPMS - tested

Skyrim Sprinting Animation v0.3
- This anims has same style as momodash but less slanted or has same axis with vanilla

Momo Dash v1.1 (NEW!!!)
- Don't You dislike ape's sprinting style? Neither do I
- Spread legs? No way!!
- Added effect from Opticshooter modified by me [optional].
- What is the effect? I couldnt put it to word, there are dust and spark effeck when sprint, thats all

- Footsteps sound issues Fixed.
Increasing Sprinting speed is recommended to get better experience!! Use this to increase it: Skyrim Speed and increase Sprinting's speed {+[5%-10%]}

Previus update log can be found in Readme[/color]

Momo Dash v1.1 Run and Dragon
[size="7"]Video Momo Dash[/size]
Momo Dash v1.0
Momo Dash V0.9 uploaded by gianama [Add Link to Sprinting mod effect: "Eat My Dust" at the youtube adress
Feminime Running v0.5 (thx for gianama for uploading it)
[v0.7f is better than the one on video]

Feminime Running v0.7f
Note 3: thx for someone who would upload their video for me, :p thx to gianama

[size="7"]NEXT UPDATES[/size]
Victoria's High Heel Walk for female human

Note 1:
You may try v0.5 before new one.
edit: on second thought v0.5 is a history.

I plan to mod every character animation but I may think about it again. When I make this mod, realize Bethestda did good work on the spine and lower parts but the upper part isn't. The center of gravity betwen right and left isn't right so I change it and actually it costs a lot of work. In the end this mod far from perfection.
Works well with ANY body types. Don't know if there is a new types of bodies that incompatible reported.

Install or extract to Skyrim installation folder (it's replace the animation mt_runforward.hkx)
files should be located at \Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\female

Note 2: No Footsteps? bug problem came from :
EDITED: just found it recently, hkxcmd that convert kf to hkx are somewhat doesn't exported an extra "key" to implement footsteps. This issues actually has already solved.

Opticshooter for his Eat My Dust mod

[size="6"]Recommended Mod[/size]
Bowlegged jump animation fix

My other files
Victoria's High Heel Walk for female human
My Female Character

Note 4:
Feel free to edit my custom animation, but please don't redistribute the original file.
( e.g. customized it so the butt or breast became bouncy but I'm not the one who'll make it )

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