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Last updated at 0:00, 4 May 2012 Uploaded at 6:22, 27 Feb 2012

Attention this mod is discontinued ,because its existance is continued in Perky
You could still use this version,but preferable use the whole perky mod :)

Secondary perks enhanced -Spe

What is the Spe ?
Spe brings to the skyrim player 14 custom new perks most of which have multiple ranks.All perks try to be lore friendly and balanced.All perks are into the lockpick tree which is now called secondary skills.Although the perks are into the lockpicktree they do require other types of skills to be acquired .They could help you furthermore customize your gameplay for any type of char.
Are the perks balanced and lorefriendly?
Yes and no.I am trying to keep them balanced as much as i can,but as long as i am not happy with the further balancing this is considered beta version.For further help and suggestions on balancing and bugs refer to the comment section.
Is the mod compatible with other perk changing mods?
In order to keep it as conflict free as possible i tranformed one of the most underrated skilltrees into something more usefull.So as long as other perk changing mods avoid changing the lockpicktree everything should be fine.Even if they change the lockpick tree if you just put spe in the bottom of your load order it will override only those changes :)

So what are the perks?
Refer to the read me section :)

Manual installation notes:
1)Put the file Secondary perks enhanced.esp in the skyrim/data
2)Activate it with your favourite mod manager
Nexus mod manager installation notes:
1)Click download with manager
2)Activate the esp with the nexus mod manager

Future plans:
1)Further balancing until we reach heavily balanced version
2)Introduction of more perks
V1.1.1Major spelling and rebalance fixes.
V1.1 Various reference fixes and balance tweaks(Master of the arcane and endurant reworked)
V 1.0 Initial release
If u like the mod please come back and endorse it,so other people could find it and enjoy it :)Also endorsments increase my will to continue developing mods :)
For any assistance,good attitude,nice video or pictures i will give kudos :)

For further suggestions,feedback,bugs reports,requests and ideas refer to the comment section.I will try to answer as fast i can and give as full feedback as i can.7
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