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A small mod that increases the saturation of some of the plant life around Skyrim to make it stand out.

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Jun. 17: I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been meaning to make some small changes but unfortunately just don't have the motivation I need to mod right now. I may come back to modding at some point, and I'll definitely still read the comments so that I can make note of things that might need to be fixed if I come back to this. I'm sorry I never fixed the problem with plants not looking different after they were picked. However, if someone comes up with a fix for that, feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to endorse it.

@ Summary @
This mod changes some of the flora in Skyrim (ingredients specifically) to be brighter and stand out more. What does this mean? It means your reds are redder, blues are bluer, purples are purpler, and greens are greener. It uses the original Bethesda textures and some of the HQ ones.

Some of the changes are more subtle than others.

Floral Saturation currently changes:
-Creep Cluster
-Blue Mountain Flower
-Canis Root
-Crimson Nirnroot
-Dragon's Tongue
-Giant Lichen
-Glowing Mushroom
-Hanging Moss
-Jarrin Root
And more!

I'll be slowly adding to this list including more of the ingredients and other plant life.

NOTE: The screenshots are taken with ENB and the Confident ENB Collection

@ Compatibility @
This mod will overwrite a couple of files from Skyrim Flora Overhaul.

It also overwrite a couple of files from High Quality Food and Ingredients.

@ Version History @
v1.2 Adds 15 grass files, 4 tree files, and 7 misc. landscape textures.
v1.1 Adds 23 new files including foods (cabbage, garlic, gourd, potatos, and more), shrubbery, and more alchemical ingredients (Spiky Grass, Slaughterfish Eggs, Nordic Barnacle, and more)
v1.0 Initial Release

@ Install @
Extract the .rar and then copy the "Texture" folder and paste it into Skyrim's "Data" folder (usually located at Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim).

@ Known Issues @
Some plants, when picked, will continue to show that there are flowers there.

@ Tools Used @
GIMP - Editing textures
Paint.net - Compressing the .dds files
WinRAR - Creating archives

@ Credits @
Bethesda for Skyrim and the original textures

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