City Relighting with Day-Night Light Schedule w-Water Arrows by Encryption
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Added: 27/02/2012 - 03:51AM
Updated: 01/03/2012 - 12:27AM

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Lighting has been reworked and increased for the following cities:

I am currently working on adding more cities and working to make it harder to hide in plain sight and the addition of Water Arrows should make it much easier and thats really the point of them. Thievery in Skyrim is just too easy currently and I am trying to remedy that and at the same time give the player tools to help them hoping to make playing a thief alot more challenging and alot more rewarding but even if you dont like playing thief characters then you may still like the changes in lighting and the increased performance in cities during the day when the lights turn off.

Updated 2/29/2012
Adds Solitude exterior to the list of cities.

Updated 2/28/2012 2:14pm cst
Adds Markarth exterior to the list of cities.

Updated 2/27/2012 10:17pm cst
Added Riften city exterior.

Updated 2/27/2012
Added Windhelm city exterior.

This mod hopes to eventually accomplish Water Arrow functionality throughout the game. As a bonus.. City outside lights will turn off during the day and reignite during the night.

The Water Arrows are very early right now so they are very simple. It is just an iron arrow visual with a frosty impact explosion where it hits. They can be created for now at the forge under Misc and requires 10 Iron Arrows for 10 Water Arrows. Later the recipe maybe incorperated into the thieves guild quest line but for now I have alot of work to do to make them more useful in more places.

At first I wrote the script to look for all lights and all visual effects but after having the script sift through 100's of different effects and lighting through out the game Per Arrow... I decided to try and come up with a better lighting design over all especially since in alot of areas where you see 2 or more torches close together they do not have thier own light but instead these torches almost allways share 1 light. Certainly wouldnt be cool to put one out and either have them all go out at the same time when the light gets disabled or put the one torch you shot out and the light just to have fires burning with no light.