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This mod is a mesh and texture replacer for Skyrim's sad, sausage butterflies. It gives them legs, antennae and a body that's a lot less, well, sausage-like.

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Description below is copied from original SE mod.

I've always hated Skyrim's sausage butterflies and so this mod is my attempt to improve upon them.

Better Butterflies replaces the butterfly mesh with one that has six legs and antennae. It also replaces the textures with a mix of zzjay's Butterfly Improved and textures edited by myself. Please give zzjay some kudos for their excellent textures.

Although the meshes are considerably more detailed than the originals, I've not noticed any performance hit from using them. They weight in at about 110kb each. That's the size of a detailed plant mesh. The mod's textures are 2k and so shouldn't eat all your vram. I'm also using Picta Series A Critters Life (which I recommend) which adds additional spawns.

Future plans: Maybe to tackle lunar moths, but it's more likely I might take a look at dragonflies next.

I hope you enjoy the mod! Thanks for downloading!

Parts of the mesh for this mod were created by LasquetiSpice and are used in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution License. I've edited, reduced the poly count and altered LasquetiSpice's mesh for use in Skyrim SE.

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