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Made by GGUNIT and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a public test of a port of GGUNIT's Markarth Outskirts.

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This is a public test of a port of GGUNIT's Markarth Outskirts.

This is a test because for months I have been trying to load in without a CTD and finally got it to load on a new game.
This is not fully finished and is here for the public to test (Not enough testers on the server to get enough tested)
There is a high chance of CTDs
If you download this please comment what happens on your end
Please test on a new save
Please download and setup Crash Fixes before testing this
This page will be removed after the finished version is done and replaced with a new one. (No more CTDs)
This is the ENB light version


I really do need you guys to comment on what happens in you game with this if you downloaded it or I can not finish this port you can not leave it to someone else to comment for you as everyone has different PC specs and mod lists meaning what happens to your game might not happen to someone else.

He be working on the mod

If you want to help support me please check out my Patreon to help me keep making patches and ports
You can find it here