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Snow a Lovely & Magnificent Sorceress <3. An LE port.

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This is a Backport of scarlettdays21
Snow Follower
 for Skyrim SE. 
All images and the text below is a copy of the original SE post.


Hey guys, i hope you all have an amazing day,  it's been awhile since i upload my follower mod but now i have someone that really really special that i want to introduce with you, meet Snow my beautiful and gorgeous elf, not only that she is lovely and very friendly she also a magnificent sorceress, she probably can solo Malenia i mean Alduin at level 1 bare naked fist only ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , alright just kidding but she is powerful sorceress i've been testing and ask her to go on adventure with me to kill a bunch of Bandit, Vampire, Draugr & Dragon like a good Dragonborn would do even helping that grandma in the background such a lovely grandma, snow she is a very helpful & wonderful companion, so far i love what i've done to Snow especially her face model and magic skill but there is always a room for improvement, i hope that maybe someday i can implement a custom voice for her, add little bit of story and drama to spice thing up, but for now i'm just in love with her the way she is, that's it i want to present to you Snow my lovely & magnificent sorceress, i hope you all have a wonderful journey with her <3


> This mod use ESP-FE or ESP-L (Light Plugin)
> This mod will required CBBE & Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO Snow will use female elf haughty voice
> Download Non RDO If you don't install Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO  
> She located at Candlehearth Hall Inn in Windhelm 
> She is a magnificent sorceress good at (Destruction, Restoration & Alteration) also good at both heavy and light armor



    Nether's Follower Framework
  I'm Glad You're Here 


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