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===oooo FARKAS oooo===

version 1.0
by Avienda

Twin of Vilkas, Companion, follower and potential husband, Farkas is the strong, quiet type. He doesn't mince words and lets you know what he is thinking with straight talk. Unlike the fiery nature of his brother, Farkas is soft-hearted and compassionate, despite his intimidating looks.

This remake of Farkas is my realization of the man, employing more realistic features, cleaning up the dirt and warpaint and yet the eyes express all for the man. He is no angst driven man, preferring to be in your face and is a fierce fighter.

I also upped his stats to make him a capable fighter alongside your dovahkiin. So, he will last longer in a fight now. Don't worry, he will fall if overmatched but will not do so in the first few seconds of battle.


To install, just drop the files into your /data folder. I have worked on this so there is no gray coloring to the texture that is known to happen when changing tints or masks on an npc.

Files included:


Better Males Project by Chris57 and FavoredSoul

Armor by LordOfWar

Thank you to those that have found a workaround to getting rid of the 'gray face' when customizing a pre-made npc. :D