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A small shack/rest point along the 7000 steps to warm your freezing bones.

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Description below is copied from original SE mod.

This mod adds a small shack to the 7000 steps to High Hrothgar. It's located underneath the small rocky outcrop where you're accosted by the troll.

The idea behind this was that when using survival mods, I always become very cold around this point and need to build a fire. I thought it would be nice to have a little shack to be able to rest at.

I've added a few objects around the shack to make it more homely, and to help you if you fall foul of the troll.
By the chair outside the door you will find a fire enchanted sword. To the left of the building is a tanning rack.
Inside the shack you will find a healing and cure disease potion, and a shrine to Akatosh. There's also a book on troll slaying. Of course, there is also a bed and a cooking pot.

Please note that none of the storage here is marked as safe. 

  • Should be compatible with any other mods that don't place objects in this location.

This is my second mod, and my second time really making anything in the Creation Kit. For this reason, if any patches are required for any other mods, I'm not sure if I would be able to solve them, depending on what the problem is. But please, do let me know if you come across any problems.