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A massive, game-changing follower with reactive behaviour, tonnes of memorable dialogue, special functionality and more.

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"It is such a quiet thing, to fall.
But far more terrible is to admit it."

Eris is a blind and enigmatic Imperial, now in Skyrim and looking for where her path may lead next.
Though unwilling to divulge much about what has brought her this far, she's willing to accompany
adventurers that are worthy of her respect.

As a fully developed companion character, Eris is amoral or, to use D&D alignment, True Neutral.
She is designed to work with all kinds of player archetypes and will never pass judgement on
their actions, only posing questions for you to answer.

Regardless of where your adventures might take you, she is more than dependable and will stay at your side
no matter what. While she does not have a traditional character arc per se, she's intended to be a mirror
(or foil) to deepen your experience and reflect on events that are otherwise ignored by the game.

A trusty blade, if nothing else.

To find Eris, head to the second floor of The Bannered Mare in Whiterun. It's recommended to recruit her
as soon as 
possible, but don't worry if you miss out on some things... there's always more to discover
next playthrough.


1300+ lines of fully-voiced, high quality dialogue. Dozens of conversations and commentary
spanning all factions, major quests, both DLCs, locations and much more.

Eris can change her fighting style on the fly, from prioritising ranged attacks to smashing skulls
with two-handed weapons to good, ol' fashioned punching. She also has the chance to heal
the player in combat, which can be toggled on/off at any time by talking with her.

Switch between her two unique outfits, either Light and Heavy Armour, and watch as Eris carves
through your foes with her blade. An additional weapon is available to unlock down the line.

Expand her arsenal of both offensive and defensive spells by giving her a wide range of tomes to
use in battle. Eris has no level cap and will continue to grow alongside the player.

Once a day, you can also spend some time with her and help train her skills, with everything from
Armor to Destruction to Block. Shape Eris into the companion you want her to be and match your
playstyle the best.

As your bond increases over your adventure and the two of you grow stronger,
earn custom perks for your achievements across factions and more.


Note: SKSE is a soft requirement for the fighting style feature.
Beyond that, she'll work just fine without it.

Drop it in your Data folder or install with a mod manager as usual.

She was made with a custom framework, so NFF, AFT, UFO, etc.
are not supported. Use them at your own risk.

Eris was voiced by Kelly B. Check them out here!

Special thanks to gearshout for the mask mesh,
used under open permissions.

Shoutout to Bethesda for the love/hate relationship I have
with the Creation Kit. Hello darkness, my old friend.

Finally, to everyone who enjoys the stuff I release... I'm glad you get
something out of it. And to you, for actually reading the description.