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Beautiful yet lore-friendly complete standalone overhaul for the Dawnguard DLC Female npcs.

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As of v 1.7, there is no requirement for the BB's Master Asset File. See install section for details.

A lore-friendly standalone overhaul for the Dawnguard DLC NPCs.
Not limited to the NPCs in image; I have edited all of the unique NPCs in the DLC, and given high poly heads/new hairs to the radiant NPCs.
As the name implies, it's a revisit of an older mod I had made. This version is standalone and has better, revised NPC meshes.
The vampire eye textures have been upscaled and merged with Eyes of Beauty so they look better and have better eyelashes.

This mod is B.Y.O skin and Body. This means the NPC's appearance will vary depending on what skin mod you have installed.
If you use Race-Based Textures, be sure to get the RBT PATCH 

Plugin is flagged as light to save your plugin limit and there (as usual) are options for men, women or both.


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This mod is now fully plug and play.
No master asset file. No conflicts. Performance optimized.

If you are using the v1.6 with the BB's Master Asset file, you don't need to update to v1.7 unless you are having performance issues.

Expressive Facial Animations is recommended but not required.


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Bergritte Battleborn
Fralia Greymane
Olava the Feeble
Lillith Maiden-Loom
Tilma the Haggard
Hilde from Riverwood



High Poly Head by KouLeifoh (Offsite: VectorPlexis)
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam; SE port by docteure, and 2K remaster by wammy
(2K Retexture of Vampire Eyes by me, using The Eyes of Beauty as a template for nicer lashes)
ApachiiSkyHair SSE by Apachii
KS Hairdo's SSE  by Kalilies
HG Hairdos (NSFW site, beware)
SG Eyebrows by HelloSanta (SE Port by Senturos)
Beards of Power by Mharlek1
Wolfpaint by DomainWolf (no assets, baked in facetint)


Obsidian Weathers
Rudy ENB for Obsidian Weathers
Enhanced Lights and FX and ELFX Shadows
Bits and Pieces Male Skin
Bits and Pieces Female Skin
Mild Complexions
Frankly HD Dawnguard
UNP Minidresses
DX Necromancer Robes for UNP
DX Gwelda Dawnguard Outfit for UNP
And SO many many more mods that make Skyrim an overall more beautiful game...
(I have 400ish mods installed so I can't list them all)

This is a backport of BB's Dawnguard NPC Overhaul Revisited - Women with permission from the author. The description above is from the original mod.