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Added: 26/02/2012 - 11:09AM
Updated: 10/02/2016 - 06:57AM

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Last updated at 6:57, 10 Feb 2016 Uploaded at 11:09, 26 Feb 2012

LimitedItems: A mod for enforcing a more realistic way of carrying items.

Update 1.21:  Nothing is dropped during combat.
Update 1.2: Backpacks from isoku's Wet and Cold are now recognized.

Thanks to isoku for adding the required keywords!

  • This mod does NOT do more than you want. You can disable any feature independently!
  • This mod does not force you to use the default configuration. You can adjust nearly everything to your personal preferences.

Skyrim's system of handling carry capacity allows for unrealistic exploits that may not only annoy the immersionist but can reduce game difficulty to boring levels.

With this mod you can limit the number of items from several classes the player can carry without dropping them.

Limit the amount of
  • arrows for a more challenging archer character,
  • bound arrows for the non-cheating mage,
  • potions to prevent potion spamming,
  • lockpicks to make lockpicking skills more relevant and
  • equipped rings/amulets for those using an unlimited rings mod.

Regarding weapons and armor this mod offers two methods of handling carry capacity that may be used separately or together:
  • Managing space: Each single item takes up space, individually defined by item class. Cumulated space requirements are capped by the amount of overall available space. In effect this system resembles a Diablo/DeusEx-like inventory system, where item rectangles have to be arranged in an inventory grid.
  • Managing numbers: The micromanagers out there can define maximum numbers per weapon class to implement their ideas of realism.

Furthermore: backpack compatibility: Packs from Frostfall, Bandoliers or Wet and Cold will give you bonuses to carry space.