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Mod adds "Roses of Remembrance" from game "Witcher 2" as plantable and harvestable plants for Hearthfire.

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  • Spanish
Mod adds  "Roses of Remembrance"  from game "Witcher 2" as plantable and harvestable plants for Hearthfire.
Ingredients, harvested from roses, can be used for brewing potions at alchemy lab.

After mod install on first game load it is necessary to wait about 15 seconds for completing mod configuration.
You will get notification, that mod is initialized.  Now you can plant roses in your containers like vanilla flora.

The planting material is sold by the following Apothecaries:

  • Arcadia (Whiterun, «Arcadia's Cauldron»)
  • Angeline Morrard / Vivienne Onis (Solitude, «Angeline's Aromatics»)
  • Zaria (Falkreath, «Grave Concoctions»)
  • Lami (Morthal, «Thaumaturgist's Hutа»)
  • Frida (Dawnstar, «The Mortar and Pestle»)
  • Bothela (Markarth, «The Hag's Cure»)

For avoiding mod conflicts, there is added a standalone dialogue branch "Let us discuss gardening":

"I want to buy some roses for my garden" - opens trade window
"Teach me, how to plant roses" - you don't need this branch, case mod is initialized successfully at first load. Is is just manual reinitialisation 

The growing process works on vanilla system - after planting you have to wait for day or two and  reenter in location.  

Mod uses some  vanilla merchant dialogues lines, hope it works on English version.
Please, let me know, if something is not translated or translated wrong.


Credits for testing and mod idea:     Brannweig.

Русская версия мода  доступна также на gamer-mods and tesall:
Russian version  is available on gamer-mods and tesall as well: