Easy Eyes FXAA Injector settings by reddragon567
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Added: 23/11/2011 - 03:55AM
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Simply put, I disliked almost all the injector settings on the nexus, and all the presets. Call me a grouch. The nights were never dark enough, the days always blinded me even with the brightness turned down when in Dawnstar or similar areas.

This doesn't just turn the gamma down however, this makes the game a lot more visible, and a lot easier on the eyes, with the exception of the fact that nights are a lot darker. However this also makes spells such as Candlelight and items like torches, a lot more viable.

I also implore you to upload your own screen-shots using this here as well. I am curious as to what it looks like to other people.

New! EasyEyes-Light file gets rid of the gamma changes. This is mostly for those with darker monitors or those that dislike the overall darkness of the game with the original EasyEyes. Simply override the injFX_Settings.h file with this one and you'll be good to go. If you're new to these settings, I recommend you try the original EasyEyes first.


Get 1_3 version of this first:

Then download the .rar and extract the injFX_Settings.h file to replace the one in your Skyrim folder. You may wish to backup your old file if you do not find this to your liking.

Done! Make sure your brightness settings are right in the middle for the best effect.