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Added: 26/02/2012 - 09:40AM
Updated: 02/07/2016 - 03:40AM

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Last updated at 3:40, 2 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 9:40, 26 Feb 2012

Now Requires Dawnguard
As well as SkyUI and SKSE for MCM support

Welcome to Sweetroll Randomization Act. A mod for Sweetrolls and the people who eat them.

This is the new and improved version of a great mod. I have added many Sweetrolls, new spells, a new standing stone, and a new creature. This is on top of the main feature of the mod, Randomization. Sweetroll Randomization Act is just that, Sweetrolls randomized in leveled loot, leveled placements, and unique placement in the world space.

SRA also has a special bonus, Sweetrolls randomly appear in the players inventory without a notification, which in turn adds to the randomness. In the end the point of this mod is to give sweetrolls purpose, and a random sweetroll may turn the tide of combat.

Sweetroll Addiction:
I have fixed the sweetroll addiction mechanic. After much effort and testing, I am proud to include it in this update. The addiction mechanic is as follows:

There is a 3% chance to become addicted when eating a sweetroll. After becoming addicted the player will notice damaged stamina, ignoring your addiction will result in withdraw which brings more trouble.

When the player ignores addiction and withdraw effects, withdraw pain will result in detrimental effects to health, stamina and magicka. 5% possibility of transforming into a Sweet Troll after withdraw level 2. But have no fear, addiction will pass after a few days or may be cured by brewing a potion with all sweetroll types.

Sweetroll Standing Stone
There is a new standing stone in the worldspace, the Sweetroll Stone.
Upon accepting the Sweetroll Stone Perk, the player will receive a spell called 'Trans-Sweetroll', also all sweetrolls will get bonus effects, hidden to the player until after eating the sweetroll at which time the effect will show up in the players active effects screen (this is due to scripting limitations, I wish I knew how to fix this)

MCM Menu
This mod has MCM support.
Using the menu, you may toggle sweetroll addiction, toggle SweetTroll transformation possibility, adjust automatic sweetroll addiction cure, and adjust the amount of Sweetroll Randomness. Also shows how many Sweetrolls a player has eaten.

Please note, Do not toggle addiction or change addiction days if you are currently addicted!


I have also added NINE more sweetroll types into the game, which are in the sweetroll sublist.

The new sweetrolls are:

Spiced Sweetroll -Fortify and restore health
Sweetroll with sprinkles -Fortify and restore stamina
Rotten Sweetroll -Causes poison damage (use on weapons)
Painted Sweetroll -Fortifies and regen. magika
Golden Sweetroll -Cures disease... and other good stuff
Spectral Sweetroll -Invisibility for 60 seconds
Blood Sweetroll -Works like vampire blood potion
Silver Sweetroll - Restores health, stamina, and magicka (only attainable through the sweetroll standing stone)

==~ Spoiler Warning ~==
Apon finding and killing a Sweet Troll, they possess a 'Daedric Sweetroll' which, When consumed, will give the player a special spell for only a minute, or have a 25% chance to transform into a Sweet Troll. This spell, when used on actors, will turn them into a pile of Sweetrolls. Have fun!

Transforming into a Sweet Troll, player attacks can turn people/creatures into a pile of golden sweetrolls. However player is easily killed when in Sweet Troll form. This is more of a bug than feature, just be careful.

Sweetroll Hearthfire Add-on:
With the Hearthfire addon, players can bake sweetrolls from SRA using the Hearthfire oven. Also includes a Sweetroll unique to the Add-on.
Upgrade now with SRA Hearthfire Add-on v1.1, Optional file in the download page


SRA Released Versions:

v3.0 -TBA 2016
-I plan on upgrading this mod and fixing some bugs for the release of Skyrim Special Edition

v2.5 -May 15, 2013
-Added Sweet Troll Transformation
-Added Blood Sweetroll
-Adjusted script layout for less bloating

v2.1 -March 19, 2013
-Added the missing Standing stone Script to the Archive
Patch Available

v2.0 -March 4, 2013
-Added MCM menu
-Reintroduced addiction
-New sweetroll
-Added Sweetroll standing stone

v1.6 -October 13, 2012
-Changed Rotten Sweetroll texture
-Modified random Sweetroll Chances

v1.5.0.89 -August 24, 2012
-Removed Addiction (until further notice)
-Added spectral sweetroll
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Added more hidden sweetrolls

v1.4 -May 30, 2012
-Fixed addiction to desease, can be cured
-removed cure addiction potions
-fixed minor bugs

v1.3.1 -May 5, 2012
-New .esp, the last file had the old .esp, sorry.

v1.3 -May 5, 2012
-Sweetroll Addiction is added, still in beta phase
-Fixed the Sweet Troll specular map
-Golden sweetrolls now have a cube map, so they look like GOOOOOLD!
-More hidden sweetroll encounters added
-Adjusted the Sweetroll Percentage (fewer sweetrolls)
-Adjusted the Effects of each sweetroll

v1.2 -April 12, 2012
-Sweet Trolls have been added to the game, they have special Sweetrolls that are a gift from Sheogorath.
-Added hidden sweetrolls to the game world, you'll know when you see them.

v1.1 -April 8, 2012
-Sweetrolls now randomly appear in the players inventory
-Adjusted sweetroll percentage

v1.0 -don't remember when
-Introduction of sweetroll randomness
-added five new sweetrolls


I dont expect this mod to be compatable with anything that messes with the vanilla leveled lists, as well as any other mod that tinkers with sweetrolls. The sweetrolls from this mod should work with basic needs mods, however it will nullify the point to this mod...