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A complete overhaul of the mechanics surrounding the 8 Dragon Priest masks of Skyrim; they will bind to your face, they will possess you with demons, and they will leave their mark on your soul! Highly customizable with MCM support.

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SE/AE Version available here:


This mod overhauls the mechanics surrounding the 8 basic Dragon Priest masks that can be found in Skyrim. No longer are they simple pieces of Armor with basic enchantments, but now are dangerous artifacts that can grant you great power but at great cost.. This mod is inspired somewhat by the Stone Masks from Joe Joe's Bizarre Adventure, so if you've watched/read the series then I hope you'll appreciate the connection this mod has to it. :D
Customizable features include debuffs upon removing the mask, exorcising the Demonic Dragon Priests possessing your body, and having the Dragon Priest possess and reshape your flesh entirely for himself, leaving you a soulless husk, if you let the mask (and by extension, the Demon Priest) grow too powerful.


The first thing you'll notice is that the masks can't simply be equipped from your inventory. They will spurn you if you try, and fall right off your face. Try to put it on again from there, and you'll get more than you bargained for: once you have a Dragon Priest mask equipped, you will not be able to simply unequip it, nor remove it from your inventory; the mask will bind itself to your face, and taking it off will be no simple task.

The longer you keep a mask equipped, the more powerful it will become. When you first equip a mask, the enchantment will be pretty much identical to the mask's vanilla enchantments. At stage 2 however, you will generally find the enchantment on each mask doubles in power. At stage 3 they will gain another 50% strength (3x the strength of the vanilla enchantment), and when they reach full power at stage 4, they will have 4x the strength of the vanilla enchantment!
How quickly the stages advance is customizable via the MCM, from as little as an hour to as much as a week in between. For details and exceptions, scrolls to the "Enchantments" section near the bottom of this page.

Even though you've already killed the Dragon Priest the respective mask belongs to, a portion of their soul remains to inhabit it and infuse it with dark energy. Thus to remove the mask, you will have to perform an exorcism on yourself via an unbinding spell. When you do, a ghostly Demon Priest, whose power depends on the power level of your mask, will reveal himself and must be defeated for the mask to release its grip on you(r face).

Other penalties can be customized through the MCM.

Curse: by default, when you unequip a mask you will gain a temporary debuff with penalties that mirror whatever buffs the enchantment previously gave you.This can be customized to only give you the basic stage 1 debuff, or can be disabled entirely.There's even an option to reduce/remove the debuffs based on whether you have the Wooden Mask in your inventory, so that hunk of junk can finally have a real purpose outside of Bromjunaar.

Exorcism: The ghostly Demon Priest battle mentioned above can also be disabled via the MCM, and you can also change the nature of the Unbinding spell. By default it functions like a normal spell with a spell tome that can be found in Bromjunaar on a pedestal (with the Wooden Mask equipped), but you can set it to be dynamic and have it be automatically added and removed as you take the masks on and off.

: Even wearing the mask for too long has customizable consequences. Every time a stage is advanced past 4, there's a chance of your mask's Dragon Priest taking over your body entirely, leaving you a Disembodied Soul! You then have to defeat the priest at his full power if you want to get your body back. This chance can be set to a guarantee in the MCM, or disabled entirely; it's all up to you. The nature of the Disembodiment is also adjustable in a couple of ways, though I won't get into that here.

Skyrim of course. SKSE and SkyUI are strongly recommended, as you won't be able to customize the mod without them.

-The Priest Curses will always show a duration of 7 days upon acquisition; however, this is only a visual bug. Their true durations are based on the Bonding Interval (i.e. stage advancement timer) you set in the MCM.
-You may find that tempering upgrades on the masks frequently reset when the mask is equipped and unequipped. this is an unfortunate consequence of the way this mod is set up, but you can think of it as the Dragon Priests sapping the material integrity of their own masks to regain power, or uh, something like that.
-Followers and NPCs that equip the masks will not be affected by the features of this mod; it will be treated pretty much like a normal armor item for them.
-Sometimes the Disembodied Soul as well as the Demon Priest actor shaders will be overridden by other shaders and not appear correctly. This is more of a problem if your game is heavily modded, and also seems to effect Oldrim more than the SE version. Thankfully though this is only a visual bug and doesn't effect the mod's actual performance.
-If you have anti-friendly fire mods, it may cause issues with Aggroing the Priest that spawns from the Corruption event. Luckily, there's an MCM option specifically to address to this very bug.

Please report any bugs/issues you find and I will try to fix them ASAP. I have tested this mod extensively to a point where it's fairly foolproof, but even I can't be 100% certain that it will always work as intended.

This mod will NOT be compatible with mods that alter these mask nor their enchantments. It should be compatible with retextures but will likely not be compatible with remodels.

This mod should be compatible with Konahrik's Accoutrements, as far as I can tell.

Most masks follow the general formula of +100% vanilla enchantment power at stage 2, another 50% at stage 3, and another 25% at stage 4 for a final total of 4x the vanilla strength. So for example at stage 1 (which is same as vanilla) Rahgot gives you plus +70 stamina; at stage 2 this upgrades to +140; stage 3 give you +210, and Rahgot's stage 4 gives you a whopping +280 Stamina.
Exceptions are as follows:

Hevnoraak has a "Fortify Armor Rating" enchantment added since his original enchantment (poison/disease immunity) doesn't really work with this system.

Otar only has his effect increase by 20 points at a time, rather than a full 30, as this would put you over 100% resistance at stage 4.

Morokei has had his "Fortify Shout" enchantment restored in addition to the bonus magicka regeneration, and this also scales with the advancement of stages.

Volsung's water-breathing enchantment becomes a water-walking enchantment at stage 3. However, you will gain a spell simultaneously that allows you to swap the enchantment back and forth between the breathing and the walking, if ever there's a time you need to go underwater with the mask equipped.

Like I said, please report any bugs/issues you may encounter, and if you have feature or balancing suggestions I am open to those as well! I do plan to make a Dragonborn version pretty soon here that covers the Ahzidal, Dukaan, and Zahkriisos masks as well so keep an eye out for that.
Although this mod doesn't effect the Konahrik mask, I already have another mod that expands on Konahrik quite a bit, so please do check it out. It's 100% compatible with this mod and can be found here:
Lastly I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe give it a download, I hope you have as much fun playing with the mod as I had making it, and please leave an endorsement if you enjoy the mod. :D