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Slaves of Skyrim

After a long, hard day of slaying dragons, fending off bandits, finding lost dogs, saving damsels in distress, working the forge and generic ass kicking even the Dragon Born craves a moment of peace! But Breezehome is a lonely place, with only your House Thane wandering around. So why not spruce up the place with a few gorgeous slaves?!

Don't go, its compatible!

Of course fully compatible with one of the most popular Breezehome Mods: Breezehome Renovation with Bathroom. So no need to give up your comfy home, you can just add this mod!

And for all you naughties out there, its also fully compatible with any 'custom skins' you might have installed! *wink wink nudge nudge*

We need people who can animate, if your interested pm at [email protected]


i've decided that i'm making a house with the slave chamber in the second basement, it'll be a medium update.

Just finished updating the mod twice! after reports of loads of bugs,
most of them are now gone.

So i cane back to work on it and i found that it was all deleted O_o
so i've restarted and i've done better than before so yer enjoy.

Table of Contents:
1. Description.
2. Features.
3. Compatibility.
4. Version History.
5. To do List.
6. Credits.

1. Description
This mod adds new NPC's which are named, they're found in Breezehome, so you'll have to buy the house first to get the Slave Jail in your house. The NPC's are basicly naked and will do what you say.

This is a WIP (work in progress), new content will be added in the future, you can help! Read on.

Credit where credit is due.
If you have helped me in some way, I'll record you as part of this mod :) (must be useful to me) So if you have any idea's, thoughts or any other helpful stuff please leave them in the comments, I will answer them.

(WARNING make sure you take off all the items you gave her, because it'll be gone)

2. Features

Slaves that do stuff for you!

3. Compatibility.

Breezehome Renovation with Bathroom
Any 'custom skins' you might have.
Better Breezehome (soon)

4. Version History.

V 1.3.1
Fixes the room bug lol

Don't know.

V 1.3
everything was deleted so i restarted and yer have a look at the new stuff!

don't know yet, If there is contact me.

adds another slave
names the slaves
adds a key and a book
deletes the old chamber and adds a cell in breezehome

none that i can think of....

New Features:
Adds a New area inside breezehome called Slave Chamber
Adds a book that's called "Slave Guide"

Grey face thing :(
and sometimes the slave isn't there

New Features:
Adds a new NPC into the game.

Her face is a weird gray colour,
She holds a bow
and i've tried allowing her to be able to marry, (which doesn't work, well i don't think it does)

5. To do List.

Compatible with Skyrim Bathroom mod
More commands
There'll be a males

6. Credits.

People working on this mod:
dddz123-head of developing the mod

People who've helped me with this mod:
Alkador, The awesome wizard of words *Hurray!* (I would name my firstborn after him!)