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What is it, Dragon?

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-3.what is it? dragon?
-5.change log

-1. install----------------------------------------------------

1. at first, copy&paste the 'meshes' folder into your data folder it contain original models
2. and now choose the model which you want, there are alternative version of armor and esp is available.
3. and copy&paste
4. check esp on your mod manager or orgernizer or launcher or etc....

-2. uninstall--------------------------------------------------

1. delete folder named 'justice' in meshes folder
2. and also delete esp file named 'Alduin's son' in data folder

-3. what is it? dragon? -----------------------------------------

yes it is, this mod will add new heavy armor call 'Alduin's scale armor'
it a slightly better then daedric armor and if you have a fist of steel, do more powerfull damage in unarmed attack(20 additional damage)

it can be a forging in forge but first, you have to collect material named
'Alduin's scale' that found in Alduin's back but of course, Alduin is invulnerable!(trust me he will never die)
so i made a clone of Alduin so call 'Son of Alduin'. i don't know why
it aren't 'Alduin's Son' (even the mod's name is Alduin's Son)
just somehow named like this
you can found 'Son of Alduin' in any place where dragon appeared
once you beat 'Son of Alduin'. you will get some of 'Alduin's scale'
and finaly you can make 'Alduin's scale armor'

if you decied to using "Lazy Version" check the "What is it Lazy Version.TXT"

-4. detail-----------------------------------------------------

-you need dragon smithing
-'Son of Alduin' appeared in LV 50
-here is the receipe
-helmet : 2 Alduin'sScale, 1 DragonBone
-cuirass : 5 Alduin'sScale, 2 DragonBone, 3 LeatherStrips
-gauntlet : 2 Alduin'sScale, 2 DragonBone, 1 LeatherStrips
-boots : 2 Alduin'sScale, 2 DragonBone, 1 LeatherStrips

to improving armor you need a 1 Alduin'sScale

-5.change log-------------------------------------------------

-V0.3 removing altante helmet and add Lazy Version

What is it? Lazy Version?

For those who has problem that Sons of Alduin were doen't appear

this "Lazy Version" will make you can forging Alduin's scale armor
with original materiel in skyrim

it compatible with normal version so (but do not check both of them)
if you make cuirass and boot but not gauntlet and helmet because
you run out of scale? then swap the ESP to Lazy version!
you still have a cuirass and boot, and you can make rest of part much
easier! here is the receipe of Lazy Version

-helmet : 5 DragonScale, 6 DragonBone, 1 Filed Black Soulgem
-cuirass : 5 DragonScale, 8 DragonBone, 3 LeatherStrips, 1 Filed Black Soulgem
-gauntlet : 4 DragonScale, 6 DragonBone, 1 LeatherStrips, 1 Filed Black Soulgem
-boots : 4 DragonScale, 6 DragonBone, 1 LeatherStrips, 1 Filed Black Soulgem

to improving armor you need a 1 Filed Black Soulgem

well at least easier then normal version