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My patches, addons and fixes to the awesome VIGILANT mod. More music, immersive text edit, better textures and more to come.

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My addons and patches
By Xtudo

Several addons, patches, fixes for this awesome mod and more to come!

The files are for VIGILANT v1.7.3. 
It's my first time playing this famous mod, and I'm loving the experience. As I play I'll do my little tweaks here and there, as I always do.
I will also share some screens of my (Sarah's) adventures here too.
I made it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it! :)

And here they are:

AIO version

  • It includes all files but FIX - LOD fix.

ADDON - Witch Hunter - My version - Added the
Witch Hunter Social Outfit

  • A new set of clothes, the Witch Hunter Social Outfit, including new five items. You can craft them the same way as the original Witch Hunter armor.
  • Female only. Males will wear the default armor, clothing version.
  • HD darker version of this Witch Armor.
  • 2K-4K versions included.
  • Full support to beast races.
  • Fixed the alpha channel of the original Witch Armors, now they bottom cape will look worn, as intended.
  • It requires the worn/damaged version of Ashes - VIGILANT Witch Hunter Armor Retexture by Kiriavark installed first (recommended mod!).

ADDON - Coldharbour music replace
It will change the music from all the Coldharbour area, even interiors. A much more atmospheric experience now.

ADDON - Bathing Room
Adds a Bathing Room to the Temple. Use the trapdoor on the floor to gain access to it. Ideal for roleplay with mods like Dirt and Blood.
Install it BEFORE the Temple of Stendarr music replace.

ADDON - Molag Bal statue replacer
It will replace the vanilla statue with the awesome version by Mandragorasprouts. 2K-4K included. Standalone.

ADDON - Stendarr statue replacer
It will replace the vanilla statue with an standalone one. I changed the hands positions, the hood, his face expression and other several tweaks. I also changed the horn to a semi-black marble texture. 2K-4K included.

ADDON - Temple of Stendarr music replace
It will change the music from the Temple and Stuhn Ravine, the Sovngarde's vanilla tavern music, to 3 new random ones. The new musics are from The Wicher 3:  Ard Skellig Village, The Fields of Ard Skellig and Wild Hunt - Kaer Morhen, they fit very well.
Install it AFTER the Stendarr stature replacer and Bathing Room.

FIX - M'que robes fix (Temple's cart-driver)
Fixes the immersion breaker ugly clipping. Maybe you'll need to use "resetinventory" on him.

FIX - Giant creatures fix
Sets the Giant creatures race back to default values, to avoid stuck creatures, stutter or even CTD. 
To use together with mods that change the vanilla Giant Race, like "Height Adjusted Races with True Giants", or anything similar.

FIX - Hearth of Order fix
It uses one vanilla texture, if such texture is replaced by another mod (mostly HD mods do this), it will break the item.
So I gave it a custom unique texture, and it's fixed now.

FIX - Elite Vigilant Hood fix
It will fix the chin clipping out the hood, when the person is talking. Very noticeable with Altano for example.

FIX - LOD fix
Fixes the stuck LOD in small areas. I didn't fully tested it, if you found a problem (like missing long distance LODs), please let me know.
Only use it if you are experiencing the problem. As the LOD will be missing in Coldharbour (secondary effect).

PATCH - Anvil of Zenithar - My version
A lovely replacer for the Anvil of Zenithar.
It requires the beautiful ElSopa - HD Medieval Anvil installed first (recommended mod!).

PATCH - Daedric Shrines - Meridia
Adjusts the Statue of Meridia to the new lovely model. Which is used three times by the Vigilant mod. ESL.

PATCH - Footprints mod
Changes the Coldharbour's footprints from snow to ash. It's not perfect but much better. It gives the feeling that the Coldharbour's sand is like rotten on its core.
It requires the Footprints mod installed first (recommended mod!).

PATCH - Hi-poly Sand Runner Eggs
The tittle says it all, and it will also avoid conflicts with other HD mods (chaurus eggs replacers), as now it uses its own custom optimized textures.

PATCH - Gwyneth replacer
A super lovely replacer for Gwyneth. 2K-4K. It's standalone, but you'll need the VIGILANT Voiced - English Addon installed too.
Based on most cute Elvyra follower mod created by my dear friend GLAMbazoonga (thanks you very much).

PATCH - Bard's Dagger replacer
It will replace the dagger with a lovely HD AAA model.
It requires JS Unique Utopia - Daggers by Johnskyrim installed first (recommended mod!).

PATCH - HD Stendarr banner
Double the quality, and half the holes haha.

PATCH - Immersive text edit
It will remove immersive breaking texts like "This scene can be skipped". 
Changed "Storage Chest (Player)" to "My Storage Chest", and "Knapsack (Player)" to "My Knapsack".

PATCH - Umaril armor - My version
A true dark golden version of this armor set. 2K-4K included.
It requires HD Vigilant Project - Pack 1 LE by Vindition installed first (recommended mod!).

All the ESP files can be easily merged without any problem, I use the awesome Merge Plugins for this.

- SE-AE version here.


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