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Lore Friendly guns has come to LE!(Officially at least)

I'll be sure to make updates based on user suggestions.

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This mod should have no compatibility issues.

Pistols Added!
You can easily "reload" your pistols using "Pistol bullets" which can be crafted at any forge.
Uses Staff animations.

Uses default crossbow animations.
Adds craftable Rifles for most material types.
Requires Dwarven smithing as a prerequisite for anything above Iron.
SOME NPC's will now spawn with rifles in their inventory.
Uses archery perks.

All files are ESPFE.

Following the devastation of the Great War, it became clear to the Imperial high
command of the vast advantage that Altmeri battlemages had over
traditional massed infantry, being able to easily destroy grouped units
with their magic.

This spurred Emperor Titus Mede to pour his coffers into developing new technologies, something that would nullify
the years of training and gold it would take to raise battlemages of his

The answer came from the archives of the Synod.
Old dwemer schematics which showed a rather simple design of a metal tube
and a small iron ball, which when combined with fire salts and brought
to flame, would launch the ball with a great amount of force.

This would allow a common man with little to no training to deal a heavy
amount of damage from afar, despite the slow reload speed. He quickly
realized how effective it would be to outfit vast amounts of soldiers
with weapons of this type.

As such, the age of gunpowder had arrived and rifles became widespread.

Iron Handgun
Oldest design for a firearm, a simple metal tube fitted with a pan and match.

Steel Handgun
The most widespread and functional design for a rifle, the base upon which all others are built.

Imperial Handgun
The mighty Imperial handgun, an entire unit fitted with rifles can easily outmatch a Thalmor battlemage.

Stormcloak Handgun
The standard design in the Stormcloak army, a derivative of the Imperial design with a few added touches for flair.
Ulfric himself claims to be the originator of these design changes.

Dawnguard Handgun
Ideal for any Monster Hunter, it deals extra damage to the undead. The butt of the rifle functions well in close quarters.

Elven Handgun
A highly advanced rifle design, it's light weight and portability makes it easy to carry and equip large numbers of forces.
Sadly, the Thalmor seem to look down upon such lowly and crude weapons, as
such they have not seen widespread adoption by Altmer forces.

Orcish Handgun
A deceptively effective design. Despite its crude looks it is an
excellent marksman's rifle, its long barrel affords it an exceptionally
long range.

Dwarven Handgun
An ingenious design and the progenitor of all other rifles, its highly complex mechanisms cannot be fully recreated to this day.
Despite its surprisingly low damage it has the highest reload rate of any rifle.

Glass Handgun
A glass Handcannon may seem like a play on words, however the highly
skilled Enchanters and Smiths of the Summerset Isles have managed to
combine magic and engineering to create a truly powerful rifle.

Stalhrim Handgun
Another bizzare creation, the Enchanted ice of Solstheim was able to be put to
good use in providing a sturdy and effective barrel for this most rare
and sought after rifle.

Ebony Handgun

A true work of art, the beautiful inlaid patterns and the exquisite
quality of the bohr have created a perfect fusion of style and function.

Daedric Handgun
Truly a weapon which wears its intention on its face. It is the most powerful
of the crafted Rifles and stands as the king of all firearms.

Blades Handgun
A unique, one of a kind design. Based on schematics from Akavir, it was created to bring down a flying Dragon.
Dragonbone Handgun
A true item of prestige, what better way to show off than to make a Weapon out of your vanquished foes.

A unique artifact created to signify the union of the Dwemer and Falmer, long before the tragic fate that awaited them both.
Location: Darkfall passage, Near Paladin Gelebor's Camp.

Raptor's Eye

An artifact of Nocturnal, this unique ebony Musket has longer range than most
and is outfitted with a special dwemer ocular
sight which makes it easier to land precise shots.

(in order)
Explosive Bullets
Fires short range explosive.

Cheap Iron Bullets
Most common type of bullet, a small ball made of iron.

Blessed Bullets
A simple iron bullet, infused with the blessing of the Divines.

Ice Bullets
Fires a magical spear of Ice which impales its target and explodes.

Enchanted Projectile
Fires a wide beam of electricity which bursts on impact.

Flaming Projectile
Spews out a large arc of flames.

Poisonous Cloud
Fires a stealthy projectile which bursts on impact and inflicts a high amount of poison damage.

Daedric Projectile

Fires a wide wave of Daedric magic which explodes on impact.

Summon Flaming Wolf
Fires a magical projectile which spawns a flaming wolf familiar which chases down the target and explodes.

Dwarven Burrowing Bullet

Fires a pointed bullet at a high velocity. Highest damage for a conventional bullet.

Burrowing Lead Bullet
Fires a pointed bullet at a high velocity.

Friendliness Bullets
Fires a bullet which pacifies attacking enemies and heals allies.

Paralyzing Mass
Fires a writhing mass of tentacles which bind the target in place.

Pistols have a high damage output but low bullet capacity, most have only a 15 shot capacity before needing a "recharge".
You can easily "reload" your pistols using "Small bullets" which can be crafted at any forge.

Steel Pistol

Stormcloak Pistol

Imperial Pistol

Elven Pistol

Dwarven Pistol

Orcish Pistol

Glass Pistol

Ebony Pistol

Stalhrim Pistol

Daedric Pistol

Blades Pistol
Location: Skyhaven Temple

Dragonbone Pistol

Auriel's Pistol
Location: Darkfall cave

Silence's Sting
A silenced firearm designed for stealthy assassination.
Location: Thieves Guild, Falkreath Sanctuary

Dwemer Gravity Guns
Use to fling opponents into the air or reach faraway objects and hurl them at your enemies.
Location: Tower of Mzark


Cobbled together in 3 days and made with completely vanilla assets.

Special thanks OldKottor!