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Say I DO to Displays as they always should have been: Select the item you want to display from your inventory instead of needing to equip it beforehand!

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  • Install with mod manager of choice
  • Plugin can be placed anywhere in load-order. No Vanilla records edited
  • Script & Mesh Assets should win any conflicts as two vanilla scripts have been recompiled and displays need USLEEP nodes
  • No Requirements! Compatible with Xbox!


Weapon Rack Displays now prompt you to choose the item you wish to display via Gift Menu instead of needing to equip it
beforehand, filtered by the items those Displays can accept.

It Just Works
Overhauled Displays do not require a new game or USLEEP. They'll start working right away!

Differences From Vanilla / USLEEP:

  • Preserves all fixes and improvements from the USLEEP scripts (the vanilla scripts are... bad)
  • Removes pointless log spam from the USLEEP scripts
  • Suppresses some of the vanilla messages made redundant by this mod
  • Gift Menu will automatically prevent Quest Items from being placed on Weapon Racks & Displays

Compatibility & Info For Mod Authors:

Since this overhaul has been achieved without editing any vanilla records, the new display method will be seamlessly available to any modded displays that use the vanilla objects and/or scripts.

Whilst measures have been taken to ensure incorrectly configured racks, or racks with the wrong scripts, function as best they can proper fixes to those issues may require cell/reference/record edits that are outside the scope of this mod. If those fixes were included in this mod they'd need to be forwarded where needed anyway. For best results, one should refer to the displays as they've been set up in USLEEP.

Mods that have extended the "RackType" property for additional types of displays will simply be shown an unfiltered Gift Menu instead of one that better matches what kinds of items it can accept. This can easily be improved upon if you contact me, or let me know here.