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Divorce your current spouse, so you can marry the right one (HA suuure). Should not affect any other script or quest, as this is a standalone script attached to the Mara's Temple Shrine on the left side when you enter.

This correctly "undoes" the marriage, properly setting Hirelings back to their normal behavior and also clearing your spouse out of your home (if present and alive).

Simply activate the Shrine (to your left as you enter) of Mara's Temple in Riften and click Divorce. Tada!

As of 1.1, Lover's Comfort should be working properly, though to make that work I had to edit the marriage quest involved, so if anything else edits that quest, there could be issues with compatibility.

As of 1.2, dead spouses can now be properly divorced, so you can remarry someone. Evil people killing their spouses...

As of 1.2HF, Spouses; lose added jobs, unlinked from adoption, have house dialogue removed, removed from all HearthFires homes.