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This is a Level List edit of Billyro's Falchion mod.

Permissions and credits
This is a Level List edit of Billyro's Falchion mod.

If there are any bugs let me know

Credits to Billyro for making the original mod
Credits to Gorgoth24 for making the TESVEdit script I used to make this
Credits to Katapan for making the Connecting Chain Handserif font that I used in the picture

What this does:
Adds Billyro's Falchion 1h and 2h to the Level Lists with enchanted versions
Becasue I did not want to change the damage as I wanted to keep the original damage instead of turning this into a "Turtle's Edit" so the script I used made them spawn at the same level as Elven items.
The "royal" version is still crafting only as it would spawn with Daedric stuff if I ran the script on it without changing the damage to something else.
Overwrite the original .ESP with this one

Billy if you want to move this to your page let me know

This is apart of a project I am doing to make mods stop being crafting/add item only to make them be in the level list instead

If you want to port this edit to SE ask me first