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This is my first mod O.o please go easy on me.

I have always loved the Skaal. Being able to start in their village with their outfit is all I ever wanted instead of having to see the same cutscene over and over...I searched everywhere but couldn't find any mods to do it so I decided I'd learn to do it myself :3

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Tired of having to watch the starting cutscene everytime you start a game?

Tired of doing quests for Neloth to loot a dead Skaal and/or travel deep into a dwarven dungeon guarded by Rieklings and dwemer machines just to get a Skaal outfit so you can avoid having to kill an actual Skaal member to get it from them?

This mod is a simple quickstart as a Skaal member in the Skaal Village in Solstheim for all those Skaal lovers out there :)

This mod also changes the following configuration!
- No starting spells Flames and Healing.
- Racemenu start as a female.

V1.2 Adds the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe as starting weapon.

Skyrim SE supports this mod too, tested it.